How to Install & Use Cinema HD on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 1, 2022

Love watching new movies and TV series on your FireStick? But, do you often get frustrated with the ever-increasing chargers of streaming apps? Do not worry, download, install and use Cinema HD on FireStick to watch free movies and TV series.

On FireStick and other Android devices, you will love watching on-demand content with the Cinema HD app.

Following Terrarium TV’s closure, everyone started searching for another service that offered free movies and shows streaming.

When we were researching apps, we came across quite a few. One of those was Cinema HD.

If you too want an app that lets you watch free movies and shows, please be with us as we will tell you how you can download Cinema HD on FireStick.

The app was previously known as HD Movies and has now been renamed Cinema HD. Cinema HD has a large collection of TV shows and movies.

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With Cinema HD, you will never be without options for media consumption. Binge-watching movies and episodes are easy with this app.

A simple, minimalist interface makes the app easy to use. With this app, you can find almost everything you need to get started watching videos.

If you are excited too and want to download Cinema HD on FireStick, please watch this space.

But, before, you proceed, we advise you to strictly use VPN services to hide your IP addresses because it could be risky to use the free streaming app. Nothing bad in taking precautions.

Let’s dive into the subject to know more about the Cinema HD app and we ensure you this will be the best guide for you if you want to download and use Cinema HD on FireStick.

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What is Cinema HD

Teru Pen developed Cinema HD and instantly become one of the best streaming apps of all time. You can watch almost any movie in Cinema HD after it is released in a major theater.

Using the Cinema HD app, you can not only stream content on FireStick but can be viewed on Android phones as well.

This app allows you to stream movies and TV shows on-demand for free. It offers thousands of titles from around the world.

Content is regularly added to the app which makes it one of the best free streaming apps for FireStick.

Additionally, you may also request any movie/show you can’t find! Furthermore, you can watch movies and shows of high quality.

Moreover, this app offers a lot of features. Find out more below:

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Features of Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a revolutionary app that lets you watch movies and tv series shows for free on FireStick.

Thousands of titles are available to watch through this app! Not only it is great because the app offers free streaming but it is equipped with many other features as well. Let’s discuss

  • Huge Collection: From anywhere in the world, Cinema HD has tens of thousands of movies and TV shows. Streaming services like Cinema HD have made it easier to watch movies without paying a fortune. This app also lets you watch your favorite show without having to wait for it to air on cable.
  • User-friendly Interface: Cinema HD boasts a user-friendly interface which makes it a popular streaming app. The result is that you can easily navigate your favorite titles without any difficulty within the app.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight Cinema HD app also saves you storage space. It makes streaming videos easy. Since it is lightweight, it will not take up a lot of space on your device.
  • Registration is Not Required: Watching movies and TV shows with paid streaming services such as Netflix is not free since you have to sign up. That’s not necessary with Cinema HD! Watching movies and shows does not require any personal information.
  • Free to Use: “Free Of Cost Service” is probably its best feature! Subscription fees are no longer required to stream movies or shows. For those who cannot afford cable or streaming service subscriptions, it is a lifesaver.
  • Placing Request: Not finding your preferred movie or series in Cinema HD? Simply request one! Adding it is not guaranteed, but it has a high probability of being added!
  • HD Quality Content: You can watch movies in high definition with Cinema HD! Using this method, you can watch all your favorite movies and television shows without having to deal with low-quality like torrent downloads.
  • Create a Favorite List: In addition, you can save all your favorite movies and shows for later viewing! You don’t have to find your favorite movies and shows again with this neat feature.
  • Content Divided into Categories: The app contains a variety of categories where you can browse movies and shows! Everyone is sure to find something they like! Whether you’re looking for horror films or comedy shows, Cinema HD has got something for everyone!
  • Ease Of Downloading: Last but not least, your movies and TV shows can be downloaded and watched offline with this app! Using this app will save you money and data! Enjoy your videos from any location!

How to Download Cinema HD on FireStick

The time has come for the moment you’ve waited for! Yes, here’s the guide that will help you to download Cinema HD on FireStick.

Streaming content from Cinema HD without a VPN is a bit risky since it is a free streaming app.

VPN service must be installed and used on FireStick before streaming can take place.

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So, let’s just not waste more time, check out the below steps that will guide you through the process to download Cinema HD APK on FireStick:


Cinema HD is not an official app on Amazon App Store so we will download the APK from a reputable source. Don’t worry, it’s safe!

FireStick doesn’t allow downloading and installing apps from unknown sources straight away.

Check out the below steps that allow you to download and install apps that are not available on Amazon App Store:

1. Go to the Firestick Home Page.

2. Select the Settings (gear icon on the extreme right-hand corner of the middle bar).

Click on Settings Icon

3. Click on MyFire TV from the options.

Click on My Fire TV

4. Select the Developer Options from the right pane.

Choose Developer Options

5. From here, you need to click on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Turn on App from Unknown Sources

6. Once you click on that, a confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on Turn On.

Click on Turn On Option

This will allow to download and install apps that are not available on Amazon App Store. In our case, we will download the Cinema HD APK file to install it on our FireStick.

Download Cinema HD on FireStick

Now, that we have permission to download apps from unknown sources, let’s check how to download Cinema HD on FireStick with a few easy steps:

1. On the home page and click on the Find option on the middle bar.

Tap on Find Option

2. Then you need to select Search just under the Find option.

Click on Search Option

3. Type Downloader in the search bar. Click on Downloader from the list of search results.

Type Downloader and Click on it

4. Select the Downloader App card.

Click on Downloader

5. You need to click on Get/Download to install the Downloader app.

Tap on Download Icon

6. Once it is downloaded, click Open to launch the Downloader app.

Tap on Open

7. A dialog box will appear asking you to give the Downloader app access to Media, Photos, and Files on the device. Click on Allow to proceed further.

Click on Allow Button

8. Click OK on the window that appears.

9. The Home tab will open with a textbox on the right by default.

10. Type this in the URL Box using your remote: bit.ly/cinemahd-new and click on Go.

Enter URL and Click on Go

11. You need to wait for a few moments for the APK file to be downloaded on your device.

12. Once the file has been downloaded, choose Next.

Click on Next

13. After clicking on Next, you need to click the Install button.

Click on Install

14. Wait for the APK file to install for a couple of minutes. After installing the Cinema HD application, a notification will appear, press Done.

15. Next, you need to click on Delete to remove the APK file from the device as we don’t need it now. Confirm by clicking on Delete once again when a dialog box opens.

Click on Delete Button

That’s it. This is how you can download Cinema HD on FireStick TV. And you just did it successfully.

Now, you can watch movies on your big screen with Cinema HD on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Let’s see how to do that below:

How to Watch Cinema HD on FireStick

The following instructions show you how easy it is to watch movies and series on Cinema HD on FireStick. Simply follow the simple steps below.

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Make sure that a VPN is installed on your Firestick before you start using Cinema HD.

1. Tap the Home button on your remote for a few seconds.

2. A menu will open, click on the Apps icon to proceed further. This is a shortcut to your App Library.

Click on Apps Icon

3. Here is the list of all the apps you have installed on your FireStick. Find and click on Cinema HD.

4. If any updates are available, you will see a pop-up window; click install.

5. Acknowledge the “Terms and Conditions” by clicking Accept; to access the app.

6. You’ll be taken to the Cinema HD Home screen.

Here you can choose what you want to watch. Click on any movie or TV series and the streaming will start instantly.

This is how you can Watch Cinema HD on FireStick. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

How to Add Subtitles to Cinema HD

Do you love watching foreign movies or TV series? Well, to be honest, I love foreign TV series the most like Money Heist, The Kingdom, Squid Games, etc.

But subtitles could be a problem when you use free streaming services. But, you don’t have to worry about Cinema HD.

For users’ convenience, Cinema HD has an option to enable subtitles. Yes, you heard it right. Check out how to add subtitles on Cinema HD quickly:

1. Stream the movie or show you want to watch. Click on the Dialogue button in the top right-hand nook of the screen.

Click on Dialogue Button

2. Choose the language you prefer from the list (if any).

Choose the Language

3. Once you select your language, you will see a lot of subtitle options. Select one of them that you think will work with your video.

4. That’s it, you can now watch and enjoy your movie or TV series with subtitles now.

How to Use Real-Debrid on Cinema HD

Are you having buffering problems while watching content on Cinema HD? Don’t worry you are not the only one, but thankfully, you can use Real-Debrid on Cinema HD without any fuss.

Wondering what Real-Debrid is?

According to their official statement “Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files instantly and at the best of your internet speed.”

In short, Real-Debrid makes sure that you always have the access to best suitable links for downloading the content. And Cinema HD allows you to Real-Debrid on their app.

Check out the below steps that will help you to use Real-Debrid on Cinema HD:

1. Select the menu option on the home page of the Cinema HD app.

Click on Menu Option

2. A drop-down menu will appear. From here, you need to click on the Settings option.

Click on Settings Option

3. Assuming that you already have a Real-Debrid subscription. Select the Login to Real-Debrid option under Premium Account.

Login to Real-Debrid

4. Make a note of the code displayed on the screen.

Remember the Code

5. Visit real-debrid.com/device on your browser. You can open it anywhere: PC, Mobile, or FireStick browser. Input the activation code you wrote above and choose Continue.

Input Code and Choose Continue

6. Upon authorization completion, you will be notified. Now that you have logged into Real-Debrid in Cinema HD, you can use Real-Debrid content on FireStick.

7.Once you are logged in with your Real-Debrid account on the Cinema HD app, find any show or movie you want to stream.

8. You will see Real-Debrid streams highlighted in Yellow color. Just click on the link and enjoy your favorite movies and TV series without buffering problems.

Happy Free Streaming with Cinema HD

With all this, we concluded that Cinema HD is one of the best free streaming apps available for FireStick.

You can watch hundreds and thousands of movies and TV series using Cinema HD on FireStick, be it new or old.

With the Cinema HD app, you get even more options when you integrate your Real-Debrid account. All in all, we think that you should download Cinema HD on FireStick.

Hope you liked our detailed guide on how to download Cinema HD on FireStick? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below.

If you facing any problems in downloading Cinema HD for FireStick, do let us know that as well and we will try to resolve it.


  1. Do you have access to Cinema HD on FireStick?

    Thankfully, Cinema HD on Firestick can be easily installed through a third-party app. Check the “How to Download Cinema HD on FireStick” section above to know how to do that.

  2. What should I do about buffering on Cinema HD?

    Several ways exist to fix buffering with the Cinema HD app. You can try deleting the application data or cache located in FireStick Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Cinema HD.

  3. Does Cinema HD have a legal and safe status?

    Movie HD APK or Cinema HD is a safe app that you can use on your Android or Firestick device.

  4. Why is the VPN requirement for Real Debrid?

    The fact that you are using Real Debrid will be known by your ISP, so you must use a VPN to hide your IP address.

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