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 June 30, 2020


Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood actor of Australian descent, best known for playing the role of the god Thor from the Marvel series of films (Avengers, Thor). The older brother of actor Liam Hemsworth .


Chris’s homeland is Australia, the city of Melbourne, but he spent his childhood on a farm in the provincial Bulman. The middle of the Hemsworth brothers, he got along well with both the elder Luke and the youngest Liam.

The family often moved, but eventually settled on the island of Philip, where the boys quickly found something to do – like true Australians, from morning till night they conquered the waves on the board. But in Chris’s life there was something that managed to beat off the surfing palm – acting. From early childhood, he loved to play small scenes in front of his family. Love for this occupation was shared by both his brothers. Together, the guys often dreamed that one day they would reach the same heights as other great Australian actors

The first step on the road to success was participating in the Australian television series Neighbors, which has been broadcast on local television since 1985. All the younger members of Hemsworth were included in the episodic cast: the first was Luke, who played a character named Nathan Tyson, then Chris had to learn to respond to Jame Kane, then Liam, who became Josh Taylor for a short while, also got into the series.

At age 21, the young man tried his luck in auditioning for the soap opera Home and On the Road, claiming to be a character named Robbie Hunter. But the producers have already found a suitable artist, so they invited Chris to play another character – Kim Hyde. The filming of the series was in Sydney, and Chris had to leave his father’s house and move to the capital, where he was waiting for his first success – for the role in the series he was awarded the Australian Academy of Film and TV Award as “Breakthrough of the Year”.


In 2007, Chris suddenly realized that local television would not be able to offer him anything new and moved to the United States. In Hollywood, the star of the Australian “soap” was received with open arms and approved for the cast of the large-scale film “Star Track”. Chris played George Kirk, father of the hero Chris Pin



In 2011, a crucial moment came in the life of Chris Hemsworth – the director of the superhero blockbuster ” Thor ” c

hose him among many pretenders for the main role of the hammer-god. The rivals of the actor were serious: Chaning Tatum , Swede Alexander Skarsgard , WWE wrestling champion Paul Levesky and even Chris Liam’s younger brother, but Kenneth Branagh’s choice still fell on the middle of the Hemsworth brothers. And it is not surprising, because the tall, muscular Chris without any tricks looked like a thunderer embodied in reality, and his courageous Nordic profile could give odds even to a purebred Scandinavian Skarsgard.

Nevertheless, the actor had to try and gain about 9 kilograms of muscle mass before starting work. To do this, he adhered to the following schedule: 4 days of grueling training (during the day he “rocked the iron” in the gym, and in the evening he surfed, boxed or ran for several hours) and only one day to recover.

In 2013, the young man starred in the biographical drama “Race” about the British Formula 1 driver James Hunt. The success of the film was proof that Chris Hemsworth is not only capable of rushing Mjolnir with a pathos expression on his face, but can rightfully be considered an Actor

In 2016, Chris Hemsworth appeared in the “female” remake of “Ghostbusters.” He played the secretary of the beautiful paranormal hunters.


Despite the appearance of a typical handsome heartthrob, Chris Hemsworth can be safely called an exemplary family man, with the exception of marriage to actress Isabelle Lucas (Chris’s partner on “Home and On the Road”), hastily imprisoned in 2006 and just as quickly collapsed.

In 2010, Chris met the Spanish actress Elsa Pataki, the future star of The Fast and the Furious. Hemsworth acted with lightning speed, like a real Thor, since after three months of relations the young people declared themselves bride and groom.

Hemsworth and Pataki’s wedding took place on Christmas Day in Chris’s hometown. Despite the age difference (Elsa is 6 years older than Chris), genuine harmony reigns in the family. Fans sincerely admire the star couple, in which everything seems to be fine, from perfectly matching outfits for carpet paths to the same views on raising children.

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