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 July 8, 2020

Name: Caitlyn Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner) Real Name: William Bruce Jenner Birthday: October 28, 1949 (70 years old) Place of birth: Mount Kisco, USA Height: 188 cm Weight: 88 kg Zodiac sign: Scorpio ( characteristic ) East horoscope: Bull



Caitlyn Mary Jenner (birth name William Bruce Jenner) is a TV star who made a loud cuming out in 2015 and was awarded a special sports award by Arthur Ashe for courage. Former athlete, winner of the gold medal for the decathlon of the 1976 Olympics. The father of supermodels Kendal and Kylie, ex-stepfather Courtney , Kim and Chloe Kardashian.


The future celebrity was born on October 28, 1949 in Mount Kisko, located 60 kilometers from New York. His father, William Hugh, was a forester, and his mother, Esther Routh, was a housewife. In their family, in addition to Bruce, there were three more children – the youngest son Bert (later died in a car accident) and daughters Pam and Lisa.
In school, the boy suffered from dyslexia, which did not have the best effect on academic performance. But he succeeded in sports, showing excellent results in basketball, football, athletics (he was the state champion in high jump). In high school, he attended Newtown, Connecticut High School, where his family moved. After leaving school in 1968, Bruce received a football scholarship and continued his education at Graceland College in Iowa, where he successfully practiced his favorite sport. However, in the end, he became not a football player, but an athlete, since in the first year of his studies he received a knee injury and, on the advice of his coach, took up decathlon after recovery.

In 1970, at his first competition in the city of Des Moines (Iowa), Jenner finished sixth. A year later, in Lemoyne (Pennsylvania) – was able to take the highest step of the podium. In 1972, he successfully passed the selection, was included in the country’s Olympic team and at the Games in Munich was able to enter the top ten leaders (then the Soviet athlete Nikolai Avilov became the champion).


In 1973, Bruce received a diploma and moved to California, where, in parallel with working in an insurance company, he began to intensively prepare for the next Games. Every day he devoted training for 6-8 hours. As a result, a year later he was able to become the winner of the national tournament, in 1975 he won the French championship and became a champion in Eugene (Oregon). Then, during 1976, at first he surpassed his own result in competitions in the USA, and then he became a triumph of the Olympics in Canadian Montreal, once again updating his record achievement. Moreover, on points he was ahead of silver medalist Guido Krachmer from Germany by 207 points (Nikolai Avilov then got bronze).

Thanks to his record victory, the 27-year-old champion became a true national hero. He left the big sport, bathed in the rays of glory, and as it turned out later, already at that time he dreamed of becoming a woman. He was a frequent guest at social events, co-host of the top show “The Big World of Sports”, holder of the title of athlete of the year from the largest international news agency Associated Press, laureate of the Oscar analogue among sports awards – James E. Sullivan Award. In 1976, he shone on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a year later became the “face” of the Wheaties breakfast cereal brand, then acquired a plane and created his own airline, Bruce Jenner Aviation. In addition, he was inducted into the US Athletes Hall of Fame, and also wrote several books.


In 1981-1982 fans could see their idol in the comedy action movie California Road Patrol – he played police officer Steve McLeish. In 1992, he starred with Candy Clark, Chris Christofferson, Ash Adams and Martin Sheen in the dramatic film “Primary Intention.” Small roles were entrusted to him in the television series Teacher of Physical Education, Silver Spoons, and in the short film Dirty Tennis.


Being Bruce, the current successful and wealthy Caitlyn had three official wives. The first darling of the former athlete was Christy Scott. They married in 1972, while studying at college. During ten years of marriage, they had two children – son Bert, named after his brother Jenner who died in a car accident, and daughter Cassander.

In 1981, they broke up, and the 32-year-old athlete tied the knot of Hymen with ex-girlfriend of Elvis Presley, artist Linda Thompson. The ceremony of their marriage was held in Hawaii to the sounds of the wedding song “King of Rock and Roll.” The couple had sons Brandon and Brody. But once the head of the family took courage and told his wife about his “problem”, which broke her heart, and they divorced.

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