Boosting Your Brand Value with Contest Marketing Campaigns 

Michaela Bobulinski

 June 30, 2021

Whether you have moved your business online just recently or you are targeting an audience via the internet for the past several years, it is always important to be careful about your marketing strategies. After all, it is the most important aspect of building brand value in the competitive market online. Many big business brands prefer using social media channels to influence customers in the market. They even prefer to buy online award votes to stay ahead of competitors while boosting engagement online.

Studies reveal that effective contest marketing campaigns can drive considerable traffic towards a business website. It can also help to promote your new products and services online. When you get a higher number of participants for your contests, it gets easier to divert more leads towards your business. You can take advantage of your promotional contests to pipeline more engagement in the market.

Using contests for marketing needs:

Business enthusiasts, marketing professionals, and growing entrepreneurs; everyone prefer using successful social media marketing strategies. And contest marketing is listed on top of all those marketing tactics. They can also assist businesses to establish a solid relationship with the existing customers while finding new leads as well. You can use contests for market research, improve customer engagement, and for advertising products and services online. If your contest theme is more innovative, you can naturally buy facebook contest votes in bulk amounts.

As most of the businesses these days are moving online, they need to find some creative ways to attract an audience towards their brand. In this scenario, using some creative themes for social media contests can serve a purpose with ease. But if you are new to this marketing world, chances are that you may need to collect more information about contests. Well, there are so many unique structures and themes that you can follow for contest marketing. Below we have listed some of the widely used contest marketing campaign types:

Event-based contests

As the name indicates, they are centered around some specific occasions and special events throughout the year. Depending upon the type of niche you are selling, you can choose different events such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or New Year’s Day, etc. One of the best ideas is to offer some attractive discounts and purchase benefits to your target buyers. People get more excited to grab special offers as a winner. They may even love to buy online votes to win the battle online.


Many businesses find polls more useful for their social media campaigns. The main idea behind polls is to present several options for some kind of business-related question and let people choose any one of them as their opinion. This is more like asking multiple-choice questions and attract customers to win some prizes for participation. These contests can also include a pick a prize option where contests can choose something out of a given list. When launched effectively, polls can work like the most effective market research tool. They can help you ensure enhanced engagement on social media channels and that too within very little time.


Here is another simple yet effective marketing option where you can ask customers to choose who must receive a free prize. This follows a random method for selection and people often stay excited to become the lucky winners. The marketing teams need to set up some basic requirements to run giveaway contests along with a specific set of rules. Make sure your giveaway contest idea motivates participants to buy real contest votes in bulk amounts.

Trivia or quiz

Trivia contests can help your audience to answer a specific set of questions and win a potential prize. These contests involve loads of fun and people love to win some rewards by competing hard. Winning thoughts also give people motivation to prove themselves smart and innovative. These contests can have a set of tough and easy questions that can engage the audience with ease online. Many coaching businesses use these contests to gain more insights into the target audience’s knowledge base. Furthermore, it can be also used by other businesses to test brand-related knowledge of target buyers.

Photo competitions

This amazing contest idea allows people to post some creative photos on the contest page and make efforts to receive a higher number of likes and votes. You can also buy votes online to stay ahead of competitors. The main goal of such contests is to scale the brand footprint in the large business industry. Many customers prefer to decide between buying a certain product by just looking at reviews and posts online. These photo competitions can help you build a solid trust base in the market while motivating customers to place an order fast.

Achieving marketing goals with contest strategies

One of the most important benefits of contest marketing is its ability to achieve specific marketing and advertising goals. These promotional benefits can help you lead a solid brand value in the market. The primary advantage of contests marketing is its ability to lead the promotion of your new products and services. As per the recent reports, almost 45% of the buyers prefer making a decision about following a certain brand only after seeing engagement on the social media posts. Contests can be a great idea to build a solid trust base in the market while creating an interactive experience for buyers.

Contests can also drive more user-generated content towards your business. This works as the best strategy for word-of-mouth advertising. You can also amplify and spread your brand message in the competitive market with contest marketing. Other than this, it can work as the best research tool in the market. You can easily collect relevant information from customers via contests and take advantage of it for future advertising campaigns.

The growing business brands prefer using contest marketing ideas more often due to its lower cost of implementation. You can ensure great returns while building an extensive fan base in the market. Many participants even prefer to buy votes for winning contests online. It can automatically help you to broaden your customer base.

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