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 July 11, 2019

Alexander Alexandrovich Remiga works as Deputy Head of the Government of the Oryol Region, in charge of construction, fuel and energy, utilities, transport and road facilities.

Early years and studies

A.A. Remig was born on July 14, 1982 in the city of Severomorsk, Murmansk region.

In Severomorsk is the main base of the Navy of Russia, so it is not surprising that young Alexander decided to enter the Higher Naval Engineering Institute in St. Petersburg, where he acquired the specialty of mechanical engineer. But he didn’t limit himself to this, he also received a diploma of a civil service manager in the North-West Academy of Public Service.

After graduation A.A. Remig did not leave St. Petersburg. Combined business activity with social activities.


In business, Alexander began to work in a startup that specialized in the wholesale and retail trade. Two years later, he headed the Russian-Portuguese cement company IT Alliance, managed to find strategic customers among the market leading companies and organize the supply of cement. In just a few years, IT-Alliance has become a strong construction company, largely thanks to the leadership of Remigi. However, he did not become confined to business alone, and decided to go into politics and social activities. Since 2007, he has entered the Central Election Headquarters of the United Russia party in St. Petersburg, as well as the Small Business Council under the head of the administration of the Frunze district of the city.

State service

In 2009, Remig moved to the civil service: he began working in the housing committee of the government of St. Petersburg, where in six months he grew from specialists to deputy head of department.

In 2014, the official went on increasing, and from St. Petersburg he moved to the Oryol region. There he was immediately appointed deputy head of the regional Department of Construction, Transport and Housing. Within six months, he became a member of the government of the Oryol region, and at the beginning of 2016, he occupied the current position, and also headed the supervisory board of the regional Capital Repair Fund.

A.A. Remig is engaged not only in construction, transport and renovation: he oversees the ambitious federal project “Comfortable urban environment”, which was launched in 2017 on the initiative of “United Russia”. Although the project is mainly financed from the budget, it is very important to draw the attention of the local population to it. That is what Remig is doing. He is confident that the “Comfortable urban environment” greatly increases the responsibility of the population for the quality of the improvement of their yards and public places.

The principle of “popular control” Remig applies in another project. He initiated the creation of a special “Interactive map for the overhaul of apartment buildings.”

The map is placed on the website of the Capital Repair Fund, and now every citizen can find out which houses will be repaired and at what time, what stage the works have reached, and much more. Also, on the initiative of Remigi, the foundation opened pages on Instagram and Youtube, on which it is possible to track repairs and promptly make complaints.

The more the population controls the progress of work in the housing and utilities sector, the better the contractors will work, Alexander Remig is convinced, and the citizens themselves will develop responsibility for the state of their homes, yards and the city as a whole. According to Remigi, many other regions are already interested in his project.

The official is engaged not only in the repair and improvement of buildings and courtyards. He actively attracts business to other serious projects in order to minimize the financial risks of the regional budget. For example, to the construction of several waste sorting enterprises and landfills for burial, or the construction of new power lines and an energy-efficient city lighting system. The deputy chairman of the government managed to achieve the elimination of many administrative barriers when communicating with businessmen, he is actively engaged in the introduction of energy-saving technologies.


Alexander Remig is married, his daughter and son are growing up. His strong qualities are his ability to work in a team, responsibility, interpersonal skills, initiative, analytical thinking, leadership, stress resistance.


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