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 January 15, 2020

Beyonce is a famous Hollywood Actor and singer 

Full name Beyonce (Beyonce)

Date of Birth

Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA

Zodiac sign Virgo

Height 165 cm

Weight 62 kg



Beyonce Biography

Beyonce’s father , Matthew Knowles , is African-American , and Tina’s mother is a Creole. And the singer received her unusual name from her mother’s maiden name. Her whole family is connected with creativity. Mother is a costume designer and hairdresser all rolled into one , father is a professional recording professional , sister Solange is a songwriter and actress. At school , where she studied Beyonce , she opened a dance class , but it was there opened vocal talent Beyoncé.

Once , when a teacher started humming a song , Beyoncé finished it on very high notes. After that, the teacher recommended the girl to take part in the school talent competition , more than that, Beyoncé won. And in the fall of 1990, Knowles began to study in high school with a musical bias. She also studied at a high school with an in-depth study of fine arts , was a soloist for a year in a church choir.

Songs  and films of the singer

While listening to the girl’s musical group, Beyonce Knowles met Livia Robinson. They, along with Kelly Rowland, were selected in the girl’s hip-hop group Girl’s Tyme. Then the team expanded to six people , and the girls began to take part in competitions of young talents.

The first such test was the Star Search talent show , where the girls were defeated. Later , she Beyoncé admitted , that this has happened due to incorrectly selected songs. The father of Beyonce Knowles decided to take over the management of the group. To do this, I had to quit my job and devote my time to establishing a  training course” for training. Matthew cut the first group to 4 people , including Latoy Lackett as a new member. The group became known as Destiny’s Child. The girls rehearsed at Tina’s hairdresser , which became the group’s permanent dresser and stylist throughout her existence. Matthew helped girls audition on various record labels , and once the girls signed a contract with Elektra Records. They had to move to Atlanta , to start recording the album.

But the company cut a new team in 1995 , and Destiny’s Child had to go back again , to start from scratch. This aggravated relations in the family. Beyoncé Knowles parents divorced , when she was 14 years old , but the family lived apart for long.

Just a year later, the family reunited , and the girls signed a contract with Columbia Records. Then they recorded their main label song Killing Time for the film  Men in Black.” Even at that time , when Beyonce Knowles sang in the group , she was performing solo. She recorded soundtracks for films , and worked as an actress. After four studio albums, all Destiny’s Child members , Beyonce Knowles , Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland tried to make a solo career. Beyonce Knowles overtook her former colleagues: her first solo album was sold with 4.7 million copies in the United States.

In 2004, during their world tour in support of their fifth album, Destiny’s Child officially announced the band’s breakup.

Two years later, Destiny’s Child was recognized as the best-selling women’s group of all time. September 4, 2006 released the second solo album Beyonce Knowles B’Day , which was recorded in three weeks.

In November 2008, the third album I Am … Sasha Fierce was launched. The name is associated with the name of the double of the singer on the stage.

In 2010, her successes were marked by a large number of honorary awards. Beyonce became the record holder for the number of visits received awards  Grammy” – the singer was awarded as many as 6 different figurines for the nomination. This dizzying victory gave the singer strength , and in 2011 she released the album  4″.

Later, due to the birth of her daughter she still had to leave work , but Beyonce’s hurried return to the stage after 4 months after delivery and immediately announced that , it plans to release new albums.

Beyoncé Height 165 cm , weight – 62 kg.

Beyonce’s personal life

beyonce family


In 2006, singer Beyonce Knowles has admitted , that she had a serious depression , when in 2000 began irresolvable conflicts in Destiny’s Child. In addition , he dumped her boyfriend , whom she met 7 years , and all this resulted in the fact , that Knowles could not find a solace for several years. Then the singer was afraid to talk about their depression , fearing , that it does not understand. Destiny’s Child just won a Grammy , and that was an occasion for joy.

After , Beyoncé sang a duet with the future father of the child-the Z Beyonce Jay , around them crawled a lot of rumors , but the young people did not respond. In 2005, rumors already about their wedding , but the singer Beyoncé Knowles on the vine to chop off all the speculation , saying , that they are with the frame not even engaged.

But on April 4, 2008, the long-awaited wedding nevertheless took place , which became known only three weeks later. Beyonce did not wear a public engagement ring , but presented it only at the Fashion Rocks concert on September 5, 2008 in New York. In 2011, at the MTV Video Music Awards Beyonce she said , that she was pregnant. On January 7, 2012, the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z Blue Ivy was born . On June 12, 2017, the singer gave birth to twins from her husband – the son of Sir Carter and the daughter of Rumi Carter.



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