Best Christmas Vacations During the Merry Season 

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 27, 2020

Are you getting tired of the cold and the snow? Enough of the bitterness? Then it is time to take that trip you have been dreaming about. Here are our recommendations for a christmas vacation.

Oi oi! How about Australia? The land o endless space, kangaroos and koalas, and boundless freedom. If you don’t have several months at your disposal, you should commit yourself to one region in this huge country. Many choose between the east and west coast. The west coast is often called the “true Australia”, not least because it is much less populated and most of the attractions are located on the east coast. We think both have their charm! So either stay there for a few months and discover both coasts or fly there again! And then there is of course Ayers Rock in the middle of nowhere, which you should definitely have seen once in your life!

In Australia, it is summer between December and February. Perfect for a road trip there. Especially in Sydney, Melbourne and on the east coast you will find good conditions, but also in the south around Adelaide and in the west near Perth. Should you not want to travel alone or you are lacking the perfect travel partner, take a beautiful travel companion with you. Have you considered a high-class escort girl? By Ivana Models Escort Agency you can find beautiful travel girls for your next trip.

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How about the United States? The sunshine state lives up to its name: Over 300 days of sunshine a year! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Not only Miami can be discovered on-site, but also the Florida Keys with its 200 or so islands or the Everglades, where you will encounter various alligators in the boat – usually at a safe distance. You can stick your feet in snow-white sand in the west, for example at Clearwater Beach. Consider bringing a German call girl. During the European winter, you should mainly go to the south. The main season runs until the end of April, but swimming weather is definitely possible. Alternatively, Hawaii is calling.

In Hawaii, South Sea dreams come true: palm beaches, blue sea, volcanoes, and tropical plants. Here you can lie lazily in the sun, hike along the beautiful Napali Coast in the north, watch brilliant sunrises at Haleakala Volcano, snorkel in Hanauma Bay, and of course not to forget: surfing! Aloha! A trip to Hawaii is possible all year round. Between mid-December and mid-January, it can get a bit crowded, but after that, you will have the island almost all to yourself again. Especially the time between January and early April is perfect for whale watching. If you want to show off your surfing skills, the best time to do so is from November to February on the north coast.

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Another classic for the winter is Thailand. Fantastic beaches, fascinating culture, and very friendly locals. Then there are the incredibly cheap massages, delicious fruits, and adventurous rides with the scooter. You should definitely plan a stop in Bangkok. Further on you could go to the island Ko Tao if you want to dive or get your diving license. In Chiang Mai in the interior, you will meet the creative scene of the country, great co-working spaces, and sleepy mountain villages. Due to the tropical monsoon climate, the north has warm temperatures of around 30 degrees all year round. From November to March you will experience the dry season and therefore the fewest rainy days.

Should you want to stay in Germany and don’t mind the cold, we recommend Nürnberg in Bavaria. The classic among the Christmas markets is the Christkindlesmarkt in the central city of Nuremberg. Every year, over 200 retailers create everything to do with Christmas there: mulled wine, fruit bread, arts and crafts, candles, and toys. And of course, the culinary flagship of the city is a must: its gingerbread. Why not visit an authentic bakery of the Nuremberg gingerbread makers and try the Elisen gingerbread during your vacation. In addition to the – often very crowded – Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg also has a large number of smaller Christmas markets, which are held in the various districts of the city. One example is the Christmas market Handwerkerhof am Königstor, which was established in 1971.

There you can find beautiful things from craftsmen and traders and of course bratwursts and mulled wine. The whole atmosphere of the rustic half-timbered houses invites you to travel back in time and bring traditional craftsmanship to life.

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Enjoy your vacation during the Christmas season!

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