How to Install and Watch Apollo TV on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 1, 2022

Looking for ways to install and watch Apollo TV on FireStick? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered, this guide will help you to install and watch Apollo TV on FireStick in the easiest way. Start reading!  

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars to OTT apps to have a seamless experience on FireStick? Forget about OTT apps and use Apollo TV on FireStick; highly cost-effective and allow you to watch Tv shows, Live TV, and movies. Apollo TV is an IPTV service that allows you to watch unlimited content worldwide. 

Keeping this in mind, today, we came up with this guide on how to install and watch Apollo TV IPTV on FireStick. But before that, a little overview of Apollo TV will help you to learn more about the app and its features. 

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What is Apollo TV?

Apollo TV is one of the best IPTV services sites for Smart TV and Android Devices. These streaming services offer countless content, including TV shows, movies, and Live TV channels.

You can also enjoy Pay-Per-View and any other forms of content. It is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface. Since IPTV services are unverified, we recommend using a VPN on FireStick to secure your streaming activity from ISP. Here are the best VPN services for FireStick that we have used and reviewed that will help you to find one according to your needs. 

Apollo TV Features

Apollo TV is highly cost-effective and comes with myriad TV channels. Here are some of the exclusive features which show how worthy it is. 

  • An electronic program guide (EPG) supports viewing next/previous programs. 
  • More than 1,000 live TV feeds in different categories. If you love sports, then check out the list of best free sports streaming sites on FireStick
  • M3U URL support. 
  • The ability to record videos. 
  • Plays perfectly in most IPTV players. 
  • Connect up to 5 connections with basic plans.  
  • A long list of Entertainment channels. 
  • Lots of International channels are available. 
  • News channels are also there. 
  • Support for external video players. 
  • Cross-platform availability. 
  • Favorites manager. 
  • VOD (video-on-demand) support for movies and TV shows. 
  • Visa and Mastercard as payment options. 

These are some of the most awesome features of Apollo TV that make us go gaga over the app. There’s one more app that let you stream live content on FireStick, i.e. Live Net TV. Check our guide on how to install and watch Live Net TV on FireStick

Apollo IPTV Pricing Plans 

Apollo TV offers users four distinctive pricing plans so they can start their journey. Let’s check out the basic plans. 

1. $24.99/month: You can connect five connection devices, watch content in all categories, and get more than 5000 commercial-free movies and TV shows.

2. $51.99/month: Like the basic plan, you can connect five devices, watch content from all categories, and up to 5000 commercial-free movies and TV shows.

3. $89.99/ Six months: You can connect five devices, watch content from all categories, and up to 5000 commercial-free movies and TV shows.

4. $159.99/ One Year: You can connect five devices, watch content from all categories, and up to 5000 commercial-free movies and TV shows

Install and Watch Apollo TV on FireStick

How to Install and Watch Apollo TV on FireStick?

Apollo TV is not an official application available on the Amazon app store. So, you have to install a downloader to run this application. First, in this section, we will talk about how to install Apollo TV on FireStick. Have a look! 

How to Install Apollo TV on FireStick?

Follow these steps to install Apollo TV on FireStick.

Step 1: Get Downloader App for FireStick

1. Visit the home page of FireStick, click on Find from the menu bar, and then click Search.

Click on Search Option

2. Type Downloader in the search bar and click on the first icon that comes after clicking on the search. 

Type Downloader and Click on it

3. Click on Download. 

Click on Download for Downloader

Wait for a few minutes and click on Open once the downloading process is complete.

Step 2: Modify Settings of FireStick to Install Third Party Applications

Keep in mind that Downloader doesn’t work straightforwardly, so you must make some necessary modifications to install third-party applications. Here’s how you can do it. 

1. Go to the Home page of FireStick and then click on Settings.

2. Now, select My Fire TV from the given menu bar. 

Select MyFire TV

3. Click on the Developer option. 

Choose Developer Options

4. Now, you will see the App from Unknown Sources. This is disabled by default, but you must click on it to enable it. 

Turn on App from Unknown Sources

5. A confirmation dialog will appear, click Turn On to install apps that are not present in Amazon App Store. 

Click on Turn On for Unknown Sources

After making relevant changes, you are good to go and use the downloader. 

Step 3: Download and Install Apollo TV on FireStick

Now, as you have enabled Downloader app on your FireStick, you’ll be able to install Apollo easily by following these steps:

1. Click on All apps from the home page menu of FireStick. 

2. Now click on the Downloader application to launch it. 

3. Go to the URL bar and type the Apollo TV URL to download the Apollo TV APK file. https://apollotv.xyz

4. Click on Go and download the Apollo TV. The application will be downloaded within a couple of minutes. 

Enter URL and Click on Go

5. Once the download is complete, click on Install button to install Apollo TV app. After installation, you can delete the APK file. 

Click on Install

There isn’t much storage on the FireStick. The APK file is useless once you’ve installed an app since it takes up storage space. If you retain unnecessary APK files on Amazon FireStick, they will eventually take up all available storage. 

Streaming your preferred media material is now possible on your FireStick or Fire TV. Before you begin, I should caution you that the ISP and the government can see anything you watch online. This implies that watching movies for free, TV shows, or sports online may result in legal issues.

Fortunately, there is a failsafe method for hiding all your streaming activity from the authorities and the ISP. All you require one of the best VPN services available for FireStick. Using a VPN will allow you to hide and get around online monitoring, ISP bandwidth constraints, and entertainment content geo-restrictions.

How to Access Apollo TV App on FireStick?

If you’re searching for the Apollo TV on the FireStick home page, you may not be able to find it. Hence, following these steps, you need to search for the “Your Apps & Channels” section. 

1. Scroll down on the home page of FireStick and check the row named Your Apps & Channels.

2. Now move to the left and click on See All.

3. Scroll down and find the Apollo Tv App.

4. If you cannot locate it, follow these steps: FireStick Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Apollo TV > Launch Application.

Now, you know how to launch the Apollo TV application, it is time to check how to use it to get the best out of it. 

How to Use Apollo TV on FireStick?

Now, as you have downloaded the Apollo TV on FireStick, it’s time to use the Apollo TV on FireStick. Let’s follow these steps to use it: 

1. Go to the IPTV’s official website, ApolloGroup.TV. Select any subscription mentioned in the website. 

2. If you do not have an account, click on My Account followed by Create Account.

Click on My Account and then Create Account

3. Enter all the details such as Name, Last name, email address, and phone number. Click on Continue.

Install and Watch Apollo TV on FireStick


4. Proceed with the payment and make payment through credit card, debit card and other option

5. Launch this application and select the language 

6. Click on Next and customize the appearance per your preferences, then click Next.

7. Select the Player and connect Trakt Tv Account. 

8. Now, you get application content suggestions. You can Skip it as well. Click on Allow to access the media files. 

Now you can explore endless content and watch your favorite movies. 

How to Use Apollo IPTV with IPTV Smarters?

IPTV Smarters is a great application that you can use with Apollo IPTV to get the most out ot it. You can check our guide on how to install and use IPTV Smarters on FireStick. You can follow these steps to use Apollo IPTV with IPTV Smarters: 

1. Visit the home page of FireStick and select the All Apps

2. Now, select the IPTV Smarter App from all apps.

3. You will have multiple options for integration with IPTV Smarter in the IPTV player.

4. Select the given Load Your Playlist or File/URL option.

Click on Load your Playlist on IPTV Smarters

5. You can keep any name on your playlists. 

6. Now, select the M3U URL and type the content you receive via your email while subscribing to Apollo TV. 

Your M3U URL will look something like this: .

The content looks like this; you must copy-paste it directly into your URL bar. 

It is difficult to type such a lengthy URL on the FireStick using the FireStick remote. You may access the FireStick remote software through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store or input the URL on FireStick using the phone’s keyboard. Utilizing a site like Bitly to reduce the M3U connection is an even better method. Instead of using the lengthy original M3U link, use your Bitly URL that has been abbreviated.

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7. Now you have to click on Add User.

Input M3U Line on IPTV Smarters

8. Next, this application will search for the identifies and upload the Apollo TV content from the M3U link.

Within a few minutes, you will see movies, series, live channels, and more content. You can create your playlist and start exploring different content. Following a similar process, you can create different playlists and explore content. 

Watch Content on FireStick with Apollo TV!

So, here you go, this is all we have for you on how to install and watch Apollo TV on FireStick. Apollo TV is one of the best streaming sites to enjoy endless content by paying only $24.99 per month. Plus, you get a straightforward user experience; Trakt TV, Real Debrid, and IMDB integration are some of their highlights. It offers a streaming experience without ads.

You must utilize a VPN to prevent legal issues because it offers the most recent movies, TV series, and live TV channels. Enjoy the content with the Apollo TV on FireStick. 

Would you install Apollo TV on FireStick? Do let us know in the comments section below. 


  1. Does Apollo TV provide 24/7 Channels?

    No, it doesn’t provide 24/7 channels and doesn’t offer a catch-up feature in the services.

  2. What devices does Apollo TV Support?

    Apollo TV support devices like FireStick, Android, iOS devices, Windows, Smart Tv devices, and Mac Devices.

  3. What channels does Apollo Group TV has?

    Numerous live TV channels in categories like movies, documentaries, sports, food, kids, travel, news, and more are available with Apollo Group IPTV.

  4. Does Apollo Group TV offer Live TV?

    Yes, this also supports Live TV channels and news from different countries. 

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