An Elegant Table Setting Starts with Waterford Crystal 

Michaela Bobulinski

 January 29, 2022

What is the Waterford Crystal Collection?

The Waterford Crystal Collection represents the finest level of craftsmanship and quality. Founded in the Viking city of Waterford, Ireland in 1783 by George and William Penrose, the Waterford Crystal Collection has become a symbol of the Irish lifestyle. What has guided the company over the past 200 years is simple, “handcrafted crystal ‘as fine as any in Europe… in the most elegant style’”. Today they continue to be the brand of choice when it comes to elegant table settings and luxury lifestyle accessories. They are known today as the top producer of fine crystal for dining and entertainment.

Since its inception, the Waterford Crystal Collection has drastically expanded its portfolio of product offerings beyond the traditional stemware and classic interior pieces. They now carry a full range of luxury crystal pieces including Fine China & Flatware, Vases, Collectibles, Chandeliers, Stemware and Barware, Holiday Ornaments, Gifts, and so much more.

The Art of Handcrafted Crystal

If there is one thing the company has realized over the past 200 years, it is that technology is no replacement for proficiency. Their team of Master Craftsmen possesses superb artisanal talent. Crystal is unique in and of itself, and it’s not simply because of its shiny appearance. Although technology has advanced, high-end crystal such as the Waterford Crystal is created using the same techniques from centuries prior. Each craftsman must complete an eight-year apprenticeship to learn each skill required to master the techniques developed over the previous decades. Their artistic excellence and precision are the core components that transform the finest raw materials into the luxury crystal Waterford is known for today.

Master Blowers first shapes the molten crystal to create solid pieces. After each stage of production, the pieces are carefully inspected to ensure they follow their strict quality standards. The Waterford Crystal is ultimately inspected for quality six times throughout the production. If at any stage throughout the process the crystal is not considered to possess the luxury quality, it is rejected and restarts in the process.

After inspection, each piece is marked with a geometric grid that the Master Cutters will follow while transferring the pattern onto the crystal. The geometric grid is later removed during the cleaning process. The Master Cutters complete two types of cutting known as wedge cutting and flat cutting using industrial diamond-tipped wheels. Applying just enough pressure, they create stunning designs in the crystal while maintaining its strength.

Finally, the process ends with the polishing and sculpting of the crystal. The polishing works to produce a luxurious and smooth feel. The Master Cutters then work three-dimensionally to sculp the creation from a solid block of crystal. The last and final step in the process of creating Waterford Crystal is engraving. The deeper the engraver etches into the crystal, the more prominent the objects will appear in the design.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating the Waterford Crystal Collection are what makes the collection so unique. If you are looking for an elegant table setting, it starts with Waterford Crystal. Whether you’re looking to hold an elegant event, or just simply looking to gain the luxurious lifestyle that Waterford Crystal can bring to you, visit their website to learn more.

Waterford Crystal Book of Kells 5″ Bottle Coaster

Dress up your coffee table while also keeping the condensation from your glass from leaving behind marks. The meticulously cut Waterford Crystal Book of Kells bottle coasters were made to let the light shine through.  This coaster makes a great hostess gift, too.

Marquis by Waterford Patterson Set of 2 (8 oz) Double Old-Fashioned Glasses & 24 oz Decanter

Do you fancy an Old Fashioned after a long day’s work? We don’t blame you! You can enjoy your drink of choice in this sophisticated style set from Marquis by Waterford! This magnificent set includes one decanter decorated with cross and wedge cuts, along with two double old-fashioned glasses. This makes for a great Christmas gift, groomsmen gift, or even a gift for yourself! Congratulations to you on your incredible taste in both drinkware and cocktails.

Waterford Crystal O’Connell 11″ Flat Cut 2-Tier Server

This two-tier server is both elegant and practical. It is designed with hard-to-cut flat cuts all over the crystal, meaning that this O’Connell server is sure to impress. Whether you’re serving veggies, sweet treats for your chocolate fountain, scones, or cupcakes, this server will add an elegant touch to your display. If you’re looking to complement your existing serving ware, consider this Waterford Crystal dish!

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