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 August 22, 2020

Alyson Stoner Bio

Having barely begun her creative career, the beautiful Alison Stoner became known as a dancer and singer, as well as an actress and model. With such a start, there is no doubt that the girl has a brilliant future, which will certainly be associated with show business and will bring her a number of outstanding roles.

Alison Stoner Childhood and youth

Biography of Alison Ray Stoner began on August 11, 1993 from the moment she was born in Toledo, in the western United States. Her father and mother decided to part ways when the future actress was young, and as a child, her older sisters, as well as educators and teachers, looked after her.

At the Maumee Valley Country school, the girl began to get involved in art, preferring choreography and ballet to general education subjects. In elementary school, she entered a dance teaching studio and quickly mastered styles such as hip-hop, jazz and step.

In addition, at the age of 7, Alison got into the modeling business and, having gone to the chickens of Margaret O’Brien, won the competition for children’s agencies. Gaining endorsement from the International Young Talents Association, she became a young presenter and made her debut on the Disney Channel.

Having matured, under the supervision of her mother, the young star moved to Los Angeles to take professional plastic lessons and study acting. The first steps in a film career took place at this time, and they were facilitated by natural data and territorial proximity to Hollywood.

Personal life

Alison’s personal life is now associated with numerous rumors, in which all the film partners were named as her boyfriends. Among others, the names of Adam Sevani and Vincent Martell appeared, as well as Cole Sprouse , who was the love of childhood days.

The actress did not respond to the conversations, making an unexpected come-out in which she said that she liked women more than men. And then she again decided to dazzle her fans by posting photos and videos of dancing in a swimsuit in a bar under the influence of wine.

In the comments, users noted that Stoner has a beautiful figure with a height of 163 cm and a weight of 51 kg, so she can afford to appear in any form and upload different pictures to Facebook and Instagram .


Before starting to get roles in films and TV shows, Stoner participated in Will Smith ‘s OutKast show ballet , then danced with Eminem’s team and starred in the video for Bow Wow, as well as in Missy Elliott’s commercials Work it and I’m really hot.

In early 2003, the girl made her debut in the box office comedy Cheaper by the Dozen and its sequel Cheaper by the Dozen – 2. Having played the young Sarah Baker, the daughter of the main characters of the picture, Alison learned from Hillary Duff and Taylor Lautner .

This helped her to get into TV shows and serial teenage projects such as “Everything is tip-top, or the Life of Zach and Cody”, “Such a Raven” and “Drake and Josh”, and then thanks to the dance skills she received as a child in a choreographic studio. Alison landed the role of Camilla in the romantic movie Step Up .

At the end of 2007, after voicing the cartoon character that appeared in the first seasons of the animation project “Fitness and Ferb”, Alison starred in the comedy “Camp Rock: Musical Vacation”, and then in the continuation of this story “Camp Rock – 2: Reporting Concert” …

In the process of working with young colleagues Nick Jones and Demi Lovato, the girl had to dance on the screen again and perform the song We Rock. This led to the release of the debut single, presented in April 2010, which later entered Beat The System and graced the first solo album.

Shortly before that, vocal talent had surfaced in the film “Alice Upside Down”, for which the main performers recorded the soundtrack. On the disc, the girl sang three lyric compositions, and a number of other melodies were presented by Lucas Grabil and Dana Lane.

In mid-2010, Alison returned to her old image and again became the heroine of the Step Up 3D franchise. This time, the matured Camilla found herself in the center of the unfolding plot, and the other main character was a guy named Elk. He was played by Adam Sevani, an Italian-Armenian actor, and the other characters were performed by Rick Malambri and Kendra Andrews.

Subsequently, Stoner’s filmography was replenished with the third film in this series, but in a new story about dancing, she got a secondary role. And then in the musical tape “Summer forever” by Roman White, the girl played the girlfriend of the American singer Megan Nicole.

Alison Stoner now

In 2019, the actress worked a lot in the studio, dubbing computer games and the Loud House cartoon. Then in the news she wrote about the release of the single Stripped Bare, which may be included in a solo album.


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