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 July 31, 2020

Alice Kim Biography

Alice Kim failed to make a career in modeling and cinema, but she still became popular. The woman became famous as the ex-wife of Nicolas Cage , the breakup with which was accompanied by a loud scandal in the press.

Alice Kim Childhood and youth

Alice Jung Kim was born on December 27, 1983, although some sources claim that she was born in 1984. The celebrity is of Asian national origin, her ancestors moved from Korea to Los Angeles, USA, where Alice spent her early years.

Thanks to her bright appearance after school, Kim decided to become a model, but she did not stay in this profession for a long time. Soon the girl got a job as a waitress in the Los Angeles Le Prive, where she met with the Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage.

Personal life

Before meeting the artist, Alice had heard a lot about his success and even managed to watch several films. It fell to her to serve the table at which Cage settled down, and Kim tried to do everything to make the star guest happy. She was reserved, sweet and polite, which interested the man.

Soon, a conversation began between the actor and the waitress, and then he decided to invite the girl on a date, to which she agreed. She was not afraid of the age difference of almost 20 years and even the presence of two unsuccessful marriages and an illegitimate child from actress Christina Fulton behind Nicholas. The man was charming, confident and interesting in communication, which won Kim’s heart.

But the girl’s parents were not happy with the choice of their daughter. They were intimidated by the artist’s reputation and star status. As Cage later recalled, during their acquaintance, the beloved’s mother first of all said that Alice was too young for him.

Still, those close to him accepted Kim’s choice. A few months after the beginning of the relationship, Alice and Nicholas decided to get married. The wedding was a mystery, played on a ranch in Northern California. The bride practically approached the choice of a dress and bought it for only $ 260, which demonstrated that she was not addicted to the state of the chosen one.

In 2005, Cage’s wife gave birth to a son, who was given the original name Kal-El. During this period, family life was quiet and measured. Nicholas worked, Alice was engaged in the arrangement of everyday life, occasionally appearing with her husband at public events, where she made a splash. However, the woman did not strive for popularity, preferring to be secretive, did not communicate with journalists and did not give interviews.

The quiet life lasted 3 years, until in 2008 the actor began to have financial difficulties. Due to debts, he had to sell almost all of his real estate, including the ancient castles so much loved by the man. During this period, Alice stayed close to her husband, tried to be his support and support, but he was getting drunk more and more often and lashed out at his wife.

In 2011, Cage ended up at the police station after a bystander reported that he pushed his wife during a public showdown. But the woman did not bring any charges against the chosen one, and soon he was released on bail. In subsequent years, reports of the actor’s drunken antics occasionally appeared in the press, but Kim managed to stay on the sidelines.

Therefore, it came as a surprise to fans when in 2016 the media were full of headlines about the betrayal of Nicholas’s wife. It was reported that the woman was seen in the arms of a young lover, and some sources even reported that the romance between them has been going on for a long time.

After the divorce, she also kept her personal life secret. Soon, the woman changed her image and changed her hair from brunette to blonde.


In 2007, Cage decided to make a star out of his wife and found roles for her in films with his participation. The aspiring actress made her debut in the thriller Grindhouse, where she played a cameo character. Then her filmography was replenished with the action movie “The Prophet” with the same short appearance. This was the end of her acting career.

Alice Kim Latest

In 2020, almost no news about Alice is published in the press. Now she continues to lead a closed lifestyle, appearing in rare photos of the paparazzi in the company of her ex-husband and son Kal-El during their family meetings.

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