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 January 16, 2020

Alia Bhatt is a famous bollywood Actress

Date of birth March 15, 1993 Pisces

Place of birth Bombay, India


Bollywood rising star, a young talented actress and singer, laureate of the prestigious Indian film award Filmfare Award, comparable in importance to the Oscars, a charming woman. Alia Bhatt is rapidly moving to the heights of the fame of the movie olimp, and venerable colleagues can envy the dynamic development of her career.

Childhood and youth

The future Bollywood actress was born in mid-March 1993 in Bombay. In the city on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the childhood and youth years of Aliya passed. The future of the girl was a foregone conclusion from the first days of her life, because she had the happiness of being born in a family closely connected with the world of cinema.

alia bhatt childhood


Alia Bhatt and 5-year-old sister Shahin grew up in a house with a creative atmosphere. The head of the family, Mahesh Bhatt, is a director, producer, and screenwriter whose name is familiar to everyone in the Indian film industry. The filmography of the director is fifty films, and in the piggy bank of the master – the most prestigious National Film Award in India.

Alia’s mother and Shahin, Sonya Hrazdan – actress. In addition to her sister, Alia has half-brothers Rahul and sister Pooja, an actress and model. These are the director’s children born in their first marriage to Lauren Bright. Having fallen in love with actress Sonya Hrazdan, Mahesh Bhatt converted to Islam, which allowed him to marry again, without breaking the first marriage.


The cinematic Bhatt dynasty is very branched and famous in the country. Aliya’s uncle, paternal Mukesh Bhatt, is a well-known film producer. Cousins ​​Emran Hashmi and Mohit Suri – actor and director. Not surprisingly, Alia Bhatt’s creative biography began in early childhood. At the age of 6, the girl starred in the film “Crime novel”, where the key characters were played by stars Akshay Kumar and Prity Zinta. Alia introduced the main character of the film as a child.

After graduating from Jamnabai Narsee school in her native Bombay, the girl did not think what to do: she was prepared to work in the cinema.



In 2012, the film “Student of the Year” was premiered, in which the young actress starred with debutants Sidhart Malhotra and Varun Dhavan. Project director Karan Johar and the actors he selected for the lead roles woke up famous. The comedy melodrama about friendship and love became a hit, collecting $ 12 million at the box office, which is a very high indicator for Indian cinema.

alia bhatt Movies

After 2 years, Aliya Bhatt’s filmography was replenished with three projects at once. In the road movie of the director and screenwriter Imtiaz Ali “Highway”, the actress played a young heroine in whom the Stockholm syndrome arose for the kidnapper. The tape was not successful at the box office, but film critics praised the film and the actors. Aliya got two prestigious awards.

In the second film, the adaptation of the novel “2 States” of the same name, Bhatt met on the set with star colleague Arjun Kapoor. This is a story about modern Romeo and Juliet, against the novel of which the parents of a young couple took up arms. For the role in the melodrama, the actress had to learn the Tamil language.

alia bhatt movies



The second tape was a great commercial success, earning $ 16 million at the national box office. Critics unanimously praised Aliya Bhatt’s game, marveling at her exact fit into the image and ease of play. The third project, the romantic comedy The Bride of Humpy Sharma, surpassed two previous projects in success. The main role of the Punjabi girl Kawya, who fell in love with a stranger a week before the wedding, brought Aliya fame. The film received a generous box office.

At the end of 2014, filming of the drama Sleepless (also known as the Magnificent) began, in which Bhatt starred in a duet with Shahid Kapoor. She failed at the box office. The film about the hero, suffering from insomnia, was released in the fall of 2015.

In 2016, the girl starred in three Indian films, which also received mixed reviews from viewers and film critics. One of the projects – the thriller “Flying Punjab” – became a hit and brought the artist a prestigious national award for her brilliantly performed female role.

The following year was marked for the Indian star by working in the romantic comedy “The Badrinath Bride”. On the set, Alia met with actor Varun Dhavan for the second time. The picture pleased the audience.

In 2018, Bhatt pleased the army of fans with the appearance of the spy in the thriller, where she played the main character. The blockbuster brought the artist the second Filmfare award and brought to a new peak of popularity. Aliya’s character, Sehmat Khan’s girlfriend, became a spy when she married a Pakistani officer.

In many films where the actress starred, she performs songs, proving the versatility of talent. On the song “Sooha Saaha” recorded a bright, in the tradition of Bollywood, clip.


Personal life

Aliya is an active user of Instagram. She has millions of subscribers who carefully monitor and comment on events in the personal life and career of the star. The actress is not married yet, and the husband and children, as can be seen from the interview with the tabloids, are only in the plans. Now Bhatt’s work schedule is scheduled for the year ahead, and directors regularly offer roles in new projects. To refuse offers when a career is developing rapidly, Aliya does not intend to.

alia bhatt

The girl has a miniature figure. In different sources in the column “growth” the numbers do not match, but judging by the photos and videos, Alia Bhatt is not higher than 1.60 with a weight of 54 kg. The actress admits that she knows the problem of excess weight, but she managed to achieve the desired parameters with the help of yoga and cardio exercises. And the Bollywood star has not eaten meat since 2015, although it does not refuse fish.

On Instagram you can find a photo of Alia without makeup, on which she is no less attractive than after visiting an experienced makeup artist.

Bhatt knows how to drive a car, and in her garage are two “iron horses” – Audi Q5 and Audi A6. Favorite type of rest – sleep well. A girl can oversleep 12 hours in a row, which is necessary after a grueling filming process. And Alia keeps a diary in which she writes down the important events of every day of her life. Such a “report” helps her analyze actions and prevent mistakes in the future.

alia bhatt age

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor

The beauty is credited with a dozen novels with famous actors, businessmen and politicians in India. At different times, her boys were called either Ramesha Dubei, then Varuna Dhavana, then Sidharta Malhotra. In 2017, Alia Bhatt began an affair with a Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

alia bhatt affairs

In 2018, the couple had an engagement, but at the beginning of next year, the further joint life of Bhatt and Kapoor was in doubt. Rumor has it that Ranbir and his mother want Alia to refuse to work in the cinema and become an exemplary housewife, the keeper of the hearth, which is not included in the plans of the actress, who is promised a bright future. Whether the wedding will take place two stars is unknown.


Alia Bhatt Latest

In 2019, viewers saw the actress in the films “Galli Boy” and “Vice”. The latter is the romantic melodrama of Abhishek Warman, in which the director gathered on the set of Bollywood stars Madhuri Dikshit, Sonakshi Sinhu, Aliya Bhatt and Varuna Dhavan.

At the Start of 2020 , the premiere of the fantasy melodrama Brahmastra was announced. In this project, Aliya starred in company with Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor.




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