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 October 17, 2019

Alexandra Daddario is an american actress

Date of Birth  / 33 years
Zodiac sign Fish
Place of Birth New York, USA


Alexandra Anna Daddario was born March 16, 1986 in the city of New York, USA, in a family of lawyers. Her mother, Christina, worked as a lawyer, and father Richard served as a prosecutor and also headed the anti-terrorism police department. Also, two more children were brought up in the family – Matthew, who also became an actor, and Katarina.

Alexandra attended the Brerlie girls private school for girls, but at sixteen she moved to the New York Professional Children’s School, where there was a specialized class with a theatrical bias. She then studied acting at Marymount Manhattan College.

She dreamed of becoming an actress Alexandra Daddario since she was eleven, but she only got to the set when she was sixteen when she was invited to star in the role of a victim of teenage cruelty Lori Lewis in the daily soap opera All My Children. Then in the career there was a long break associated with getting an education. Later, Alexandra took part in the filming of many popular television series, such as Law and Order, Life on Mars, and many others.

A breakthrough in his career occurred in 2009, when Daddario in the image of Kate Moreau, the beloved of the protagonist, played by Matt Bomer, appeared in the series “White Collar”. This role did not bring the actress much popularity, but it was here that the leaders of the new fantasy film project noticed her and invited Alexandra to play in the youth adventure film “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”.

Three years later, she took part in the continuation of the film “Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters”, which confirmed the popularity of the actress. Daddario herself speaks of this role as quite important. She is glad that she was able to be involved in a project that inspires teenagers.

Also in 2013, she starred in the horror movie “Texas Chainsaw 3D Massacre”, which is a continuation of the 1974 picture. Alexandra Daddario did not watch previous episodes, since she does not like films of this genre, they scare her. Even looking at the mounted final version of the film, the actress still felt fear, even knowing that this was a shoot in which she herself took part.

The neo-noir psychological thriller True Detective, in which Daddario played Lisa Tranetti, the mistress of one of the main characters, has become very popular. The actress is proud to participate in this serial film, as she believes that she learned a lot in collaboration with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Then the actress worked on the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s novel “Choice”, which appeared on the screens in 2016. In addition to feature films, Alexandra is involved in other projects. So, she can be seen in the music video of the popular American indie band “Imagine Dragons” for their song “Radioactive”.

Alexandra Daddario has rather strict parents who forbade her to date guys until she was 18 years old. The girl’s first boyfriend was actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. Their relationship lasted three years, but the gap was so severe that Alexandra prefers not to remember Jason, only once allowing herself to be mentioned in his interview.



A lot of talk causes the relationship between Daddario and her partner in the saga “Percy Jackson” Logan Lerman. Young people are often seen together, starting in 2011 they appear at all parties, spend leisure time together, also travel and travel together, but at the same time they continue to claim that they are united only by friendly relations.

In 2015, the actress became the face of the Swiss brand “Movado”, one of the largest companies for the production of hand watches.



Alexandra’s debut work

Alexandra’s debut work was a small role in the series ” All My Children ” (All My Children). Later, she appeared in several episodes of the popular TV series, including ” The Sopranos ,” ” The Philadelphia in Always Sunny ” and ” Real “. The role of Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena, in the adventure family fantasy film directed by Chris Columbus “ Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ” (2010), which starred Logan Lerman , Jake Abel and Sean Bean , gained popularity in Alexandra Daddario . The work in this tape brought the young actress a nomination for the Teen Choice Award in the Choice Movie: Breakout Female category. In 2013, Daddario appeared in the continuation of this film – “ Percy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters ”.

The film credits are roles in uzhasnike with Michael Bean ” attacker 2 ” (2010), a comedy brothers Farrelly ” unmarried Week ” (2011) with Owen Wilson and Jason Jason Sudeikis , TV series ” Parents ” (2011-2012) and ” The Philadelphia to Always sunny ”(2012), thriller-horror“ Texas Chainsaw 3D Massacre ”(2013) with Tom Barry , other projects. In 2014, Alexandra appeared in the TV series Real Detective , Married , New Girl , and the comedy horror story My Girlfriend is a Zombie with Anton Yelchin . In 2015, she starred in the disaster film Brad Payton with Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino “ The San Andreas Fault, ” which, with a budget of $ 110 million, brought in rental income of more than 480 million. In 2016, the movie ” Choice ” was released with Daddario – a romantic drama directed by Ross Katz , based on the novel of the same name by the writer Nicholas Sparks . Benjamin Walker , Teresa Palmer and Maggie Grace starred in the tape . In 2017, the world saw the comedy from the director Seth Gordon ‘s Rescuers Malibu , based on the 1989 eponymous series. In addition, Alexander was approved for shooting in the film William H. Macy “ Parking ”, the action movie “ Rift San Andreas 2 ” and others.



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