A Basic Guide To Hiring A Dedicated Development Team 

Michaela Bobulinski

 May 19, 2021

There are many ways to find developers to work on your project. Some of them are traditional and include interviewing each candidate and then gathering them into a team, while others are based on outsourcing human resources.

Today, most companies prefer to hire dedicated development team for any of their programming needs. Such a model has countless benefits, including cost-efficiency, quality, and faster development period.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

Basically speaking, it’s a group of professional developers who are provided by a specialized service to work on your project. That means the service has to interview, choose, hire, gather, and manage their employees.

Also, the service takes some responsibilities, including the legal part (taxes, for instance) and such things as the quality warranty (if stated in the contract).

All the future aspects of work are stated or at least estimated in contracts between the software development services and their clients. For example, due to the countless potential adjustments and changes in the projects, the budget is usually calculated very roughly, with room for future expenses.

Of course, such details are discussed at the very beginning of a collaboration, long before the contract itself.

How to Hire Such a Team?

Hiring a dedicated team for your project is actually way simpler than you could imagine. You just need to find a development center that offers such services, make a deal with them, and you’re done. But let’s get into this process a bit deeper, just to make sure you make everything right.

Finding a Service

There are numerous team software developers out there. It’s pretty hard to choose between them, especially when their websites look similar and state the same “benefits”.

  1. First things first. Stop looking at the ones that don’t have a portfolio or can’t provide examples of their work. A reliable service will always be glad to provide proof of their professionality.
  2. Secondly, conduct research about the reputation of a company. Do they always meet the requirements and provide demanded quality?
  3. The most important point in finding a service to hire a dedicated team from is the location. The cost of the project is highly dependable on the location, as the company needs to both provide decent payment and still have appealing prices. The best way to save some money and keep the quality on the top level is to look for services in Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus) or Asia (China, India).


Now that you found the perfect development center for your needs, just contact it. It’s usually done through emails, but the most progressive ones can even use messengers.

By now, you should already have a list of requirements and details of your project. It should include such basic things as the idea itself, the details, the team size you need, potential future adjustments, estimated budget, and deadlines.

Always remember that you need to state all the demands as clearly as possible. It simply ensures the most precise answer and eliminates the possible disappointment due to wrong expectations.

The company will respond whether they can meet all the demands and what they can provide you with. After that, it’s up to you to make the final decision. If everything is fine, then it’s time to sign a contract.

Signing a Contract

This is the most thrilling stage. Usually, such services have a pre-made contract layout that they adjust according to each project. Of course, you can try to make one yourself or hire specialists to do it. But in most cases, it’s completely unnecessary. It can lead to countless complications and even rejection from the company offering services to you.

Make sure that everything in the contract is the same as discussed previously. Check if there’s enough room for adjustments and improvements. And always keep an eye on security issues.

Even if the development center has a good reputation and seems reliable, there may be some gaps in the contract. Things like penalties, warranty and liability clauses, data protection, right ownership, and such must be included too. It eliminates any potential risks and ensures that all the aspects of work are protected and legal.

After the deal is made, it’s only up to you to give the developers a green light. The service will track their performance and manage them. Also, direct communication will be done by the company too. So, you don’t need to check up on them every hour. Just contact their employer to receive all the information about their performance and the state of the project.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/5fNmWej4tAA


Now that you know how to hire a dedicated development team, we’ll try to prove that it’s probably the most beneficial way to create software.

  • Cost-efficiency. No doubt, hiring dedicated development teams is a few times cheaper than creating your own departments. It results from the lower average payment in their local areas, which we have already mentioned.
  • Same or better quality. Such services only provide top-level quality, Otherwise, they wouldn’t stay alive on the market. It can be checked through their portfolios. Only the best and the most experienced local talents are hired.
  • Simplicity. Imagine going through all the paperwork when creating your own team of programmers. Hiring each of them, creating a legal entity, paying taxes, and so on. But with a remote team, you only need to make a contract, provide them with the project requirements, and pay for the job. All the nerve-racking processes are already done.
  • Security. You may think that trusting someone with your project data isn’t that safe. But don’t worry. As we mentioned previously, a contract with a reliable service will always include points regarding security. Also, there’s no need to give them all your personal information – only the data needed for the job.

Summing Up

As you can see, hiring a dedicated development team isn’t only a very simple process, but also has many benefits. It’s just like going to a restaurant and ordering a meal.

Well, a very complex meal that requires dozens of workers and months of work. But anyway, always remember to make the requirements as clear and precise as possible and read the contract carefully. Good luck!

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