6 Must-Have Features in Your Video Collaboration Tool 

Kyrie Mattos

 March 27, 2024

Imagine a world where you could communicate with anyone, anywhere, without the limitations of time and distance. While this would have been inconceivable a mere 50 years ago, today, it’s quite the norm at the workplace. You’ll find that connecting and talking with anyone remotely is very common nowadays. There are many video conferencing tools in the market, with some of them having unique attributes. However, there are some common features that no video collaboration tool can do without. We will discuss these elements in this post. 

6 Features That Your Video Collaboration Tool Must Have

Searching for a video conferencing program is not that difficult. You’ll see that many popular tools start with a free version. But this is so restricted that you’ll soon tire of it and want to use the more sophisticated options. For instance, there is often a restriction on the number of people who can join a meeting. The time limit of the session could be incredibly short as well.  

Since video conferencing is such a common need nowadays, it would be better to choose a professionally run software that has all the features you want and more. But how can you find out? You can scour the internet, or ask colleagues and friends what software they use at their workplaces. In the end, you’ll have to make up your mind by looking at the budget you have and the features offered.  

That said, we have shortlisted the following six elements that you simply cannot afford to do without.  

1. Screen Share Feature

You want to host a meeting remotely and include employees from different locations, even different countries. Yes, it’s possible now without breaking a sweat. You can share the screen with all the participants in real-time so that they can comment on what is being shared and discussed. This is a great feature to have because it makes people understand and learn from each other.  

If you want to train your employees on something new or discuss important details of a project with people in different locations, screen sharing is the way to do it. You can use this feature to explain what needs to be done and the responsibilities of different individuals. If there are problems with a project that needs to be sorted out, screen sharing is a great way to do it. The employees can see each other and also chat or pass comments in real time. 

2. Meeting Security Needs

Security means that hackers can’t break into the network or cloud system where you are housing the video collaboration software. Your data should be safe from unauthorized access. You can add elements of security by using data encryption techniques and having a firewall that prevents the system from suspicious or less secure sites. These are sources that cannot be trusted.  

Data encryption means that all the information that is shared by your video collaboration tool is converted into code so that it becomes unintelligible to hackers. Such information can only be read and accessed by authorized personnel. 

Your video software tool should connect over a secure network and allow access codes and passwords. The package must have waiting room features, with the ability to lock people in once they have joined. Don’t go on public networks during a video conference. It could expose you to security risks.  

Firewalls will examine traffic on the network and block sources that have an insecure connection and contain viruses or malicious code. Firewalls can check on both internal and external systems to assess, monitor, and control security threats so that the chances of a breach are minimized or thwarted.  

3. Access through Various Platforms 

Your application should allow users to join the sessions using any device or platform. It is a key feature of cloud computing. This means that participants can join meetings using smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktops using different operating systems. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the freedom you get with this feature. It gives you the ability to connect with anyone at any time. All they need is a stable internet connection.  

4. Ability to Manage Participants

A good video collaboration software should give the host of the meetings the ability to create and manage user accounts, access, and passwords. This ensures that only authorized people join the sessions. User management is a key element of security. It also enables control and can ensure compliance with industry standards.  

In case you are being billed separately for these sessions, you will have to consider which features are necessary and those that you can live without. It will save you money and lead to a more productive experience. 

5. High Audio and Video Rendition 

You should have a few practice runs to set up the system. Check out the quality of video and audio before you pay anything out. The video conferencing program you select should have the ability to provide high-quality audio and video sessions whenever you use it. Users should not see unclear images or experience inconsistent sound quality during video conferences. This makes it difficult to communicate during the sessions and can lead to dropping out or leaving the meeting before it ends. The entire meeting could get canceled, which would be a horrible waste of time.

6. Customer Support and Training

One of the things that you must always consider is whether the supplier has a customer support and training program. It’s true that many applications come with a remarkably efficient and easy-to-use interface, but that’s not always the case. There may be some elements that are confusing and need to be explained. Once you get the hang of things, it’ll be easier to use in your online meetings. You should also consider the cost of training sessions and whether they are billed separately or included in the overall package you purchase. 


Now that you know the six must-have features of a good video collaboration tool, you’ll have an easier time deciding which package is good for you. All these elements must be carefully considered before you decide to invest in a video conferencing tool that meets your requirements. 

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