5 ways to compose the best birthday charms bracelet 

Elle Gellrich

 September 23, 2022

Charms bracelets are the best gift to your friend, girlfriend, mum, and all the ladies in your life. Especially if the occasion to celebrate is a birthday!

But how to compose the best birthday charms bracelet? Here are five unique ideas for a truly special gift.

1. Birthday charms with a special date

Link and charms bracelets allow you to pick from a broad range of letters, numbers, and symbols. So why not write it down? You can compose your loved one’s birth date with the digit charms, so the accessory will become an important reminder of a wonderful time.

And the best part is that you can always update it the next year!

You can accompany the date with a thoughtful message, initials, or even your names.

Birthday charms with special dates are always a successful gift.

2. Birthday charms for astrology fans

You don’t want to spell it out? There are so many other ways to celebrate a birthday.

A more subtle one is to choose an astrology theme for your link bracelet. Research the date of birth of the birthday girl and choose charms that represent her zodiac sign.

This is particularly indicated for all those girls who are into the mystique, the stars, and birth charts. They will surely be proud to wear their birthday charms claiming their sign (especially Leos).

3. Birthday charms with birthstones

Another take on the zodiac sign birthday charms is birthstones.

According to ancient traditions, there is a special birthstone for every month of the year: garnet for January, amethyst for February, for March aquamarine or bloodstone, diamond for April, Emerald for May, the stone of June is the pearl, for July is the ruby, peridot for August, sapphire is for September, opal is for October, topaz is for November, and lastly for December turquoise.

They are all very pretty and have different colors; they are supposed to have specific meanings, energies, and powers. Why not try them out as a very unique gift for a birthday?

4. Birthday charms with a wish

If you want to keep it simple and essential, you can combine beautiful bracelets with a subtle wish.

Many brands offer tiles and charms with writing such as “Happy birthday,” years, appreciation messages such as “Thankful for every moment,” and many more. You can even engrave your wish to make it personal and unique.

This is perfect for women with a clean, essential style that prefers a minimalistic accessory in silver, gold, or rose gold, but with a hidden meaning, too.

5. Birthday charms as a tradition

Do you think birthday charms lack originality? Then just turn normal charms into birthday gifts.

You can create your tradition with your best friend, girlfriend, or mum by giving them a new charm each year. You can pick cute symbols and icons, like butterflies, flowers, hearts, stars, trees, or infinity signs, and compose your birthday charms bracelet. Every year, a new one to add!

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