5 Best Gaming Controller by Gennady Yagupov 

Elle Gellrich

 November 11, 2022

The Gamepads for PC ranking presents the five best models of 2022. The selection is based on user preference, sales rating, and feedback from real owners.

There are at least two constants on the Internet: the squabble between iOS users and Android users and the squabble between PC owners and console owners. This rating will touch on the second conflict. I’m not going to take sides and identify who’s right and who’s wrong. I’m just going to show you the five best gamepads with which you can sit on two chairs at once with comfort and a sense of complete satisfaction.

The controllers from the lower part of the top have the necessary minimum of conveniences for gameplay in 2022: a gyroscope, support of different platforms, good sticks, and a comfortable shape. The best gamepads, in addition to the above, are equipped with a speaker, a microphone, and even a touchpad. Each of them is suitable for PC gaming of different game genres. Gennady Yagupov`s site

5. GameSir T4 Pro


  • Connection: USB-C/Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with platforms: PC, Android, MAC, Nintendo Switch.
  • Bluetooth working time: 12 hours.
  • Weight: 202 g.
  • Features: gyroscope, backlight.

The fifth place of the top list is occupied by the GameSir T4 Pro. It’s the most budget-friendly controller in the ranking. It can be connected to a PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, both wirelessly and via Bluetooth – it comes with a whistle. On the wireless mode, it holds the battery well – about 12 hours. This should be enough for the hobbyist who spends his free evenings playing games. There is a different key combination to connect to each platform. But I think many are concerned about the gyroscope for these very platforms. After all, without it, the road to shooters is closed. And that’s where things get tricky.

If the Nintendo Switch simply connects to a gamepad, giving access to all the features, then with the PC will have to deal with it. But describing the solution to the problem would be too awkward. You just need no more than 5 min to solve it. You open the first video on YouTube – and there you go. Now about the external part. The blue backlight, which exposes the guts of the device, catches your eye at once. It can also be turned off. When you take it in your hands, you can feel how comfortably your fingers rest on all the buttons. None of them have no play or rattle.

All work perfectly and smoothly. But there is a complaint about the sticks. If you really want to, you can see the blind spot. In any game, this will not interfere much. Yes, it would have been better if you could at least adjust it, but here we have no luck either. However, let’s not forget about the price of the gamepad and forgive this small disadvantage. And for those who do not agree to put up with it, you can choose any other one in my rating. None of them have this problem anymore.

4. Xbox One Controller


  • Connection: USB / Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with platforms: PC, android, MAC, Xbox.
  • Bluetooth working time: 40 hours.
  • Weight: 280 g.
  • Functionality: mini-jack 3.5 mm.
  • The fine feel of the buttons.

In fourth place is the Xbox One Controller. It is probably strange to see a top gamepad manufacturer in the 4th place in the rating, but there is an explanation. The only reason I had to put the Xbox down was the lack of a gyroscope. And that means no shooters. No, you can try it, of course, but you won’t be able to play Call of Duty. But in the rest, it’s an excellent gamepad that will suit racing and other genres. Especially racing will do you in, even if you used to be totally indifferent to it. With Xbox, the car will feel very different thanks to the features of all the buttons. It connects to your PC, Android, Mac OS, and, of course, Xbox. You can do both wirelessly and via Bluetooth.

Works in wireless mode for a very long time – about 40 hours. You don’t have to keep it on charge all the time. From the more or less interesting functionality, there is only a 3.5 mm mini-jack. You can plug in headphones. Already a different effect of the game. Especially since the controller itself is made of better materials, all the buttons feel nice and click clearly. There is no squeak, backlash, or discomfort. You just take it in your hands, plug it in, and enjoy it. But yeah, not in a shooter.

The Stick handles much better. There is no dead zone. Everything works the way your fingers want it to. So intense moments, it’s going to be all about skill. But if you can’t imagine your cyber sports career without a gyroscope, look at 8BitDo.

3. 8BitDo Pro 2


  • Connection: USB-C/Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with platforms: PC, Android, MAC, Nintendo Switch.
  • Bluetooth working time: 20 hours.
  • Weight: 228g.
  • Functionality: gyroscope.
  • Several settings profiles.

8BitDo Pro 2 opens the top three. In terms of price, it is already a full-fledged competitor to the Sony Dualshock and DualSense. But it did not win this battle for several reasons. At first glance, the Gaming Controller is basically no different from Sony’s top-of-the-line ones. It connects in the same way to PC, Android, MAC, and Nintendo with a slider on the back. When connecting to a PC, for example, it is not enough to just turn on the Bluetooth. You have to first connect via wire and install the software, which, by the way, you can configure everything to your liking, and after that, the controller is ready for use.

Even the gyroscope will work without any fuss. It is also convenient that there is a button with profile settings. It is possible to create three profiles for different conditions and switch between them conveniently. As for the additional keys, there are petals on the back. They are pressed conveniently, without unnecessary clicks. In terms of performance, there is a complaint to the cross. Compared with the rest of the buttons, it is a little noisy. Not that a serious disadvantage; just noting this point. I have no questions about the rest.

I have not noticed any backlash. Sticks, of course, are not perfect. There is a slight tremor. But in the game, this is barely noticeable. The overall feel of the gamepad is comfortable in your hands. You can feel the nice, high-quality plastic. I have decided to add 8BitDo to the rating because there are those who have already tried it and, for some reason, were not satisfied. And for those who have not had such an experience, for this money, I still recommend looking at Sony devices.

2. Sony DualShock 4 V2


  • Connection: micro USB / Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with platforms: PC, Android, PS3, PS4.
  • Working time by Bluetooth: 40 h.
  • Weight: 210 g.
  • Features: gyroscope, accelerometer, speaker, touchpad, 3.5 mm.
  • Long working time in wireless mode.

The silver medal goes to the Sony DualShock 4 V2. Their Gaming Controller I consider the best and most versatile. Here, for example, is the DualShock 4 V2. In the name, it is important to pay attention to the prefix V2 because the first revision will be worse than the second. Needless to say, it connects to Ploykas 3 and 4 versions to your computer and phone, but without too much trouble. Just plug and play because all software and applications are basically optimized for controllers from Sony and Xbox. Here you have a gyroscope and accelerometer, speakers, and a headphone jack. In general, the functionality is great.

Playing with these features is clearly more interesting than with gyroscopes only. Moreover, it is possible to play for a really long time – about 40 hours without recharging, even in any genre. The gamepad has everything you need for different games. So just connect to the device, enter the application, turn off the light, comfortably sit in a chair and start having fun. That’s the whole instruction of the device. During the game, you feel great to control, whether it’s a race or a shooter.

All the buttons work out every penny you spend. No dead zones, backlashes, tremors, or false responses. By the way, the touchpad, which replaces the keys Start and Select, is very handy. Even though it only supports two taps. But if before you didn’t have a controller with the usual buttons in the middle, you won’t have to get used to it. In the opposite case, the adaptation will not take more than three rolls. And on such a positive note, we can finally move on to first place, which is also worthy captured by Sony.

1. Sony DualSense


  • Connection: USB-C/Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with platforms: PC, Android, PS5.
  • Working time by Bluetooth: 8 hours.
  • Weight: 210 g.
  • Features: gyroscope, accelerometer, speaker, touchpad, 3.5 mm, micro.
  • Support for PS5.

Here we get to the leader of the ranking, the Sony DualSense. DualSense is the next generation DualShock, which for some reason, they decided to call that instead of just adding an extra five to the name. Honestly, I only put DualSense at the top of the list because it is designed for new games and platforms. For example, officially, the gamepad can work not only with PC, Android, and MacBook but also with the Sony PlayStation 5th generation. DIYers, of course, find ways to connect it to earlier versions of consoles, but the full potential DualSense reveals only in new games on a new console or PC.

Otherwise, the controllers are very similar. The major differences are as follows. On Bluetooth, DualSense works multiple times less – about 8 hours. Yes, not 40 hours, as DualShock, yes, not very nice, but such a novelty, there’s nothing you can do. If you forget to put it on charge after a busy game in the evening, as a last resort, you can connect the device via a 3-meter wire. Of course, you won’t be able to sit comfortably on the chair, but at least this option is provided.

There is also a microphone. If anything, it is switched off by a separate button. You can only be glad about this new addition. And by the general feeling, this gamepad is different in terms of weight. DualSense is 70 g heavier, so it depends on your comfort. However, the main thing is that they both fit comfortably in your hands no matter how much or which one weighs. All in all, both Sony’s are just perfect for a different genre of games and will give you nothing but pleasure.

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