Review: Why Choose HostArmada For Your Opensource Hosting Needs 

Michaela Bobulinski

 October 18, 2023

Nothing beats being able to build a good website for your business. Whether your business is a shop selling products or a company that provides home improvement services, launching your online presence through a website is the way to go nowadays. After all, most people are online in this day and age.

However, before you can fully launch the website of your dreams, you need the right web hosting solution. This refers to the service that enables you to publish and launch your website on the World Wide Web.

But will you carelessly choose a company that offers web hosting services? Of course not. The most recommended way today is to use the most advanced web hosting solutions. Have you ever heard of open-source hosting? This article will review HostArmada, one of the best providers of this type of service, plus convince you why you should take this route. HostArmada also offers cloud-shared hosting and development hosting, among others.

Benefits Of Opensource Hosting

As its name suggests, Opensource is a web hosting solution utilizing open-source software. Open source software pertains to software with a source code that anybody can inspect, change, and enhance. Opensource hosting provides a wide range of benefits. Before you get to know HostArmada, let’s tackle these perks.

1. Opensource Hosting Incurs Lower Costs

Most software nowadays is not easily affordable since it requires individuals to pay monthly licensing fees, support charges, upgrade expenses, and virus protection, not to mention additional costs for new users.

Take open-source software differently. Why? They come with no additional fees; you can already use their features to manage your business files.

Furthermore, being easily accessible, using open source technology also does not require any unique installations or additional fees should a bug be fixed. There are also less to no maintenance fees.

2. It Reduces Development Time

Open-source software also makes developing websites easier since they reduce development time. This way, you can spend the time saved on installing plugins, fixing bugs, and upgrading in the future.

More so, this software is also accessible through content management systems, allowing you to easily access and modify your web pages, such as uploading photos and other media, without any additional costs.

It also gives you access to open-source test automation that is secure, flexible, scalable, reliable, and easy to use.

3. Your Data Are Secure

Moreover, open-source codes are also very secure and safe regarding web hosting and development. With open-sourced products, there is no chance your data can be misused or abused on purpose compared to using other software that exploits data.

4. The Quality Is Higher

Open-source codes are usually of higher quality. It is because every single one of them has a unique coding.

This quality also goes a long way when developing and hosting websites. Using open-source technology when building a website makes the entire work easier, especially when modifying or adding elements is necessary.

5. There’s A Wide Range Of Tools You Can Choose From

Developers using open-source development tools are provided with an extensive range of tools they can choose from. These include code and text editors, Java, and many other languages. It is proven that many developers have benefited from this extensive range of tools.

HostArmada Is Probably One Of The Best Providers Of Opensource Hosting

Now that you have realized the benefits of open-source hosting, the next step is choosing the company that can provide you with this. Let us narrow your options by learning about HostArmada, which offers fast, stable, and secure web hosting.

Overview Of HostArmada’s Opensource Hosting

HostArmada is an independently funded and privately owned provider of web hosting with a team of dedicated experts who deliver fast, secure, and reliable web hosting services that meet the distinctive needs of businesses and individuals all over the globe.

Right as you access the web page of HostArmada’s open-source hosting service, you will find out that you won’t just get fast, stable, and secure web hosting, but also lots of freebies. These include SSL, website migration, web server caches, cPanel control panel, and daily backups – all free under this service.

You’ll be more amazed when you learn about the features of its open-source hosting.

HostArmada’s Opensource Hosting Features

From its one-click application installer to its tight web security, you can kickstart your project quickly and without a hitch. Here are the features that HostArmada’s open-source hosting offers.

  • One-click application installer – This feature allows you to deploy applications quickly and configure every installation. The installer also allows you to maintain different versions of your applications in other folders.
  • Consistent backups – Backing up websites may be easy, but maintaining health backups daily can be difficult, especially if you don’t have resources like HostArmada’s. All its open-source hosting plans provide automated cPanel backup services activated by default. Backups are done daily and can be restored for free whenever needed.
  • LiteSpeed web server cache – HostArmada also takes caching to a new level. With its intuitive caching mechanism, your websites won’t just load faster but will have a minimal resource usage footprint, giving way to more website visitors.
  • Managed web hosting service – With HostArmada’s managed web hosting service packages, you won’t need to worry anymore about the health and update-to-date state of the web hosting environment. Let HostArmada take care of them for you.
  • SSD cloud storage – Does your website have a lot? Don’t worry because HostArmada uses the best-in-class, native SSD drives. Combined with battery-run RAID controllers, these ensure data integrity at its peak.
  • Easy-to-pilot service with cPanel – Exactly the “wheel” you need to steer your web hosting in the proper direction. This cPanel is an industry standard for easy-to-use, reliable, and native web hosting control panels, and HostArmada has this.
  • 24/7 technical support – If, in any case, you experience downtime during the wee hours of the night, you won’t just be left alone. HostArmada has its support lines open 24/7.
  • Tight website security – Security is paramount. HostArmada’s innovative and artificial intelligence-based security technologies will take care of your website, providing you with an optimal level of protection versus the most cunning and dangerous web attacks.

Final Verdict

When you need a provider of open-source hosting solutions, look no further than HostArmada. They will offer you fast, stable, and secure web hosting and more perks that give value to your money.

HostArmada does not charge cancellation fees if, for any reason, you decide to cancel their services. You also get a website migration service for free, and there’s a 45-day money-back guarantee. How about that?

We found out that HostArmada has many strengths, so they are recommended for businesses and individuals looking for the most advanced web hosting solutions.

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