Tips For Taking Great Photos At The Beach 


 February 21, 2021

All of us love beaches. Whether it’s taking a stroll on a hot summer day or collecting seashells while brisk walking, time spent at the beach is always pleasant. It is the sight of the waves hitting the shore that makes the heart sing, and that’s where we feel connected to nature.

There is so much to enjoy at the beach, be it sitting calmly on the shore and simply savoring the sound of waves crashing or having a full-fledged beach party. The breathtaking vision of a beach is something that lures you into wanting to capture it, even if you’ve been to the same beach 100 times before.

Taking eye-catching pictures at the beach isn’t as easy as you think. If you wish to learn the art of taking great photos at the beach, make sure you follow our tips listed below.

Find The Perfect Lighting

A lot of individuals struggle to find perfect lighting while capturing a picture as the direct sun blocks the vision which makes it tough to find the perfect light.

Therefore, we suggest you visit the beach in the golden hours of the day, which includes the time of sunrise and sunset. The light at these moments is soft and dreamy, which will help you capture absolutely breathtaking shots.

Water Imitates Light

Light bounces off the water surface. So, remember that when the light is punitive, it will reflect in the water. Thus, the highlight of sunlight might appear in your shot, which will deliver an unflattering sight of a beach. When you’re taking pictures at the beach, keep this factor in mind.

Shoot with a RAW Camera

The sight of a beach is beautiful in itself and hence, it doesn’t require sieves. Hence, to capture an awe-inspiring beach background, shoot it with a RAW camera. You can edit it later since the RAW camera offers flexibility to fix common picture problems. Once you get accustomed to using a RAW camera, you will seize a magnificent angle.

Focus On Focal Point

It is a general rule that beach photos turn out best when captured with a well-defined focal point. The focal point can be anything, be it children playing, a couple or a ball, umbrella, etc. The empty skies might not tell a story, but a focal point needs context. And, a story behind the picture will draw the viewer’s attention.

Carry a Tripod

A tripod utilizes different shutter speeds and retains excellent photo quality. Never undervalue its significance. It holds a unique place in every camera gear.

Seize The Beach Background With A Wide-Angle

A wide-angle lens can easily capture an aesthetic beach background, which might be your next backdrop on your phone or your laptop. It emphasizes the objects in the foreground and creates a sense of depth that is rarely matched by other lenses. You can follow the rule of “low and close” seize the moment in your camera as close and as low as possible.

On that note, we want to communicate that beach photography can be a complicated exercise, and you might get exasperated. But, these tips will make sure that you enjoy every bit of it. Feel the salty water and gritty sand between the toes, and capture the perfect beach.

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