Sons – Learn the difference between Oral and Topical Minoxidil 

Elle Gellrich

 September 2, 2023

If you’ve explored your hair loss options in any detail, you’ve almost certainly heard of Minoxidil and seen it as one of the first courses of action to fight unwanted signs.

You might be wondering why there is the option of Oral Minoxidil and Topical Minoxidil. How are they different? Is one more effective than the other? And which one should I opt for? Let’s look at the differences between the two choices, so you are more informed.

Topical Minoxidil

Topical Minoxidil is the medication that comes in a cream formula that you apply to the affected area. Sons supply this form of Minoxidil in 5% strength, and one pump of the supplied bottle will give you 1ml of the formula, which you should apply to your scalp twice daily.

Most men have the sulfotransferase enzyme on their scalp, so the Topical Minoxidil will likely work. However, this isn’t always the case, so if it isn’t working for you, speak to your son’s prescriber, who might point you toward oral treatment.

Many men like Topical Minoxidil because it isn’t invasive, solely an external treatment form. There will be no interaction with any other tablet or capsule medication you are taking because it isn’t entering your system internally.

However, some men have unwanted physical reactions to the cream, like a skin rash or scalp irritation. These instances are rare, however, but it is less likely to occur with Oral Minoxidil.

Oral Minoxidil

The oral form of Minoxidil is supplied as a capsule and is usually viewed as the second line of defense against hair loss. Your prescriber will usually suggest you take Topical Minoxidil to see if this works effectively. If not, you’ll probably be advised to begin taking Oral Minoxidil.

One of the main benefits of Oral Minoxidil is that it enters your body’s system; this is important because some men don’t have the sulfotransferase enzyme, the enzyme looks for to instigate hair regrowth on their scalp. Instead, the enzyme can also be found in the liver, so Oral Minoxidil works by locating the enzyme in that organ.

Additionally, you won’t suffer from the skin rashes or irritation that you might encounter with Topical Minoxidil, no matter how rare they are.

There have, however, been rare cases of affected heart regulation and bloating with Oral Minoxidil. It’s good to stay aware of the side effects, no matter how unlikely they occur.

Is it possible to use both simultaneously?

While some men decide that this is the approach they want to take, we don’t recommend doing so at Sons. This is because both caps come in set doses, so using double the amount is not what our prescribers would advise.

The treatment has been scientifically tested and measured to provide the best treatment, so you should avoid straying from what has been suggested. For any further guidance, visit the Sons website today.

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