How to Install So Player on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 1, 2022

Are you tired of paying a hefty amount of bills on premium sites like Hulu, ESPN+, and YouTube TV? Install So Player on FireStick and enjoy premium services for free. 

For a quarter of the monthly charge, several IPTV providers feature hundreds of live Television stations, sports programming, on-demand films, and more. However, to watch the live material on FireStick, you must have an IPTV player. The SO Player should be at the top of your selection of IPTV players. 

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Most IPTV providers don’t provide an IPTV player with their apps. Instead, they are purely concerned with enhancing the streaming experience and content selection. Even if your desired IPTV service has an IPTV player, you should still choose an IPTV player designed explicitly for IPTV, like an SO Player.

In addition to having additional functionality, third-party IPTV players like Flix, TiviMate, and S SoPlayer are compatible with all the main operating systems.

Let’s dive in to learn how to install So Player and how to use it to stream content. 

How Does IPTV Player Works?

An IPTV player and an IPTV service/provider are frequently confused by users. You don’t get any material whenever you install an IPTV player. To add playlists to the app, you must use specialized IPTV services.

For the SO Player on FireStick to work with your IPTV service, all you need are current login details. An IPTV service may be integrated with SO Player on FireStick via a login ID, password, M3U connection, PIN code, and several other techniques.

We will first demonstrate how to download and configure SO Player on a FireStick before moving on to the main SO Player features you may utilize when surfing. 

So Player Features: What Makes it Unique? 

The finest IPTV player for all IPTV service suppliers, SO Player, is compatible with most IPTV services. The following list of So Player features makes it drool-worthy. Have a look:

1. An IPTV player called SO Player uses IPTV to deliver content.

2. Video clarity is always given top importance.

3. Almost every device, including the iPhone, Fire TV, iOS, Windows computer, etc., is compatible with SO Player.

4. The app’s user interface is clear and intuitive.

5. The EPG tab gives you access to the program’s schedule as well as a detailed description.

6. A selection of on-demand materials is also available.

These are some of the So Player app features which make it unique from other players. You can also check how to install the Live Net TV app if you love to watch Live TV on FireStick. 

Is SO Player Legal? 

Don’t need to be concerned about using SO Player being legal. After all, it doesn’t infringe on copyrights, making it a legitimate platform. The content you stream via the SO Player is not subject to this limitation, though. You shouldn’t be concerned, though, as there is no chance you will be sued for utilizing the SO Player. But the Amazon App Store does not include the SO Player app.

The SO Player app must thus be sideloaded onto your FireStick. We have whole guide on how to sideload apps on FireStick that you can check too. However, you should know that installing and using the SO Player are both legal.

If you still have concerns, we advice you to install any of the best VPN service providers for FireStick to be absolutely safe. 

Is SO Player Free?

It’s important to note that SO Player is merely an IPTV player app that can stream IPTV shows and movies that are available through an IPTV provider account. The SO Player software is, therefore, available for free. Still, to access the IPTV content, you must have a FireStick subscription to one of the top IPTV providers, such as  Eternal TV IPTV, Thunder TV IPTV,  and others.

However, if you love to watch free content, you should check our article featuring what to watch free on FireStick. And there are many free sites to stream sports on FireStick

How to Install SO Player on FireStick?

So Player is one of the freshly released Player IPTV players. It has a fantastic user interface; however, it is not yet listed in the Amazon App store, so we must side load it using the Downloader App or ES Explorer app.

We will talk about both the methods one by one starting with how to install So Player on FireStick using Downloader app. Have a look! 

Method 1: Using Downloader App

 To install SO Player on FireStick using the Downloader app, check the following steps:

1. Open the Homepage of FireStick and go to the Settings. 

Click on Settings Icon

2. Click on My Fire TV and choose Developer Options under the menu. 

Choose Developer Options

3. Now, click on the App from Unknown Sources to turn it on. 

Turn on App from Unknown Sources

4. A confirmation prompt will appear, click on Turn On that will allow you to download apps that are not available on Amazon App Store. 

Click on Turn On for Unknown Sources

5. Return to the home page and click on the Find menu. 

Tap on Find Option

5. Click on the Search option. 

Click on Search Option

6. In the search bar type Downloader and click on the first icon you get in the results.

Type Downloader and Click on it

7. Click on the Downloader icon and wait for a couple of minutes to install it.

Click on Download for Downloader

8. Once installation is done, click on Open to launch the app. 

click on open on downloader

9. After that, you need to choose Allow option to start the app for the first time. 

Click on Allow for Downloader

10. On the home page of Downloader app, you will seen and URL box,enter bit.ly/nsoplyr and click on Go to proceed. 

Enter URL and Click on Go

11. Once your APK file is downloaded, click on install. 

11. Wait for a couple of minutes and when the installation is done, click on Done. 

This is how to install So Player using Downloader app which is quite an easy way to do it. If you have ES Explorer app, you can skips the above steps and start installing SO Player using this app. Have a look!

Method 2: Using ES Explorer App 

The ES File Explorer app must be downloaded on the FireStick to download the SO Player if you don’t find the procedure above convenient or you have already this app installed on your device. The procedures to install ES File Explorer to the FireStick are shown below. Have a look!

1.  You need to open this ES File Explorer application on your FireStick.

2. Click on the downloader icon on the right hand sidebar.

Click on Downloader in ES File Explorer

3. Click on the New or + icon given on the next screen.

Select New Icon in ES File Explorer

4. A download box will appear on your screen in which you have to enter the URL and Name of the application. 

4. In this path, you have to enter the URL

5. Now, click on Download button after filling in all the details. 

6. There will be a download box on your screen where it is mentioned to open the file folder and click on Open Folder.

7. Click on the Install button and the installation page will be opened on Google Chrome. 

Click on Install Button in ES File Explorer

8. Click on the Install button once again and it is done. 

This is how you can install SO Player on FireStick using ES Explorer app. However, setting up SO Player is important if you want to watch the content on FireStick. We will discuss in the next step. Keep scrolling!

How to Set Up SO Player on FireStick?

On FireStick, we have managed to install SO Player using two methods. For maximum privacy, VPN has also been set up on a FireStick.

You must first subscribe to an IPTV service or provider online before you can use SO Player. You will receive an email with all the necessary information, such as your login ID and password, an M3U link, and an EPG link, after paying for a monthly plan (don’t go excessive with a yearly plan since some IPTV providers may cease operations without prior warning).

Here are the steps to set up So Player on FireStick easily:

1. Find out the SO Player on the FireStick and click on the app to launch it. 

2. If any update available, it may ask to download the latest version to have a smooth experience. Install the updated version and re-open the application. 

4. From the home screen of SO Player, you may have seen three options: Pin Code, Refresh, and Username/Password. 

5. You can use the user Username/Password or Pin Code to integrate the services of IPTV. 

6. If you did not receive any information after subscribing to the services, you should contact the IPTV Services provider to get the information. 

7. Add necessary information and then click on Submit. 

That’s it, this is how easy to set up SO Player on FireStick. Ain’t that easy? What do you think?

Watch Endless Content on FireStick!

Because of its user-friendly layout, everyone can simply use SO Player to stream material from your IPTV provider, including your children, who may watch their favorite cartoons.

You may use the media player provided by SO Player to stream the content of your subscription-based IPTV provider with ease and a variety of capabilities. Still, it does not contain any content of its own. However, ensure you utilize VPN services to avoid legal problems and protect your online identity from ISPs.

This is all we have for you on how to install SO Player on FireStick. For your ease, we have mentioned two ways that lets you install SO Player on your streaming device. You can choose any of these methods as per your convenience. 


  1. Is SO Player an IPTV Service?

    No. An IPTV player is SO IPTV. It does not include any movies or TV stations. To use SO Player to stream content on FireStick, you must be a subscriber to a certain IPTV provider.

  2. What Is the Best IPTV Player for FireStick?

    For FireStick, there are several IPTV players available.  Flix Player, SS Player, IPTV Smarter, and TiviMate are few of these.

  3. Which IPTV Services Work with SO Player?

    All of the main IPTV services are supported by SO Player. Just be sure to get the necessary login details from the confirmation email.

  4. Is SO Player Legal?

    The content that you stream on SO Player with just an IPTV provider cannot be verified. On FireStick, we suggest using a VPN connection. However, installing So Player on FireStick is totally legal it is the content that could be problematic.

  5. How to download SO Player on FireStick?

    Using the Downloader or ES File Explorer, you may side load SO Player onto a Fire TV device.

  6. Is the SO Player app available for FireStick / Fire TV?

    SO Player app for FireStick is currently not available on Amazon App Store. On the other hand, you may sideload the SO Player software onto your FireStick.

  7. Do I need a SO Player account?

    No, you don’t need an account to install SO Player account. However, ser needs to have an IPTV Services provider account to watch content. 

  8. How to fix SO Player not working on FireStick?

    Using the download link on this page, install the most recent version of SO Player.

  9. How much SO Player costs?

    You need to pay $24.99 monthly to use SO Player on 4 devices. 

  10. How to update SO Player on FireStick?

    Uninstall the SO Player and re-install it on FireStick to update the application. 

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