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 July 21, 2019

Shruti Hassan  Wiki/bio


Shruti Hassan  Career: Singer, Actress, Composer 
Height: 1.73 m 
Date of Birth: January 28, 1986 • Aquarius • 
Place of Birth: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 
Father: Kamal Haasan – actor, singer, producer, director, screenwriter. 
Mother: Sarika – the second wife of Kamala Khaasan, married in 1988. Later they divorced. 
Sister: Akshara (born 1991, dancer) 
Genres: Drama, History, Action 
First film: 2000 
Name in an Internet write: Shruti Haasan, Shruti Hasan, Shruti Hassan


Shruti Hassan  Biography in Detail

Shruti Hassan  Daughter of famous actors Kamala Hassan and Sariki. Also known as Shruti Rajalakshmi Hasaan. Born on January 28, 1986 in Chennai. In an interview, Shruti was asked how she became the singer behind the screen. “Usually I sang in the morning in the bathroom,” the girl said, “so my parents decided to give me professional education. Mom liked singing in the classical Hindustani style. My father advised me to be serious about choosing my future profession. I studied music for 4 years. In 9th grade because of the music, she even abandoned math. But she didn’t become a professional singer behind the screen. Shruti graduated from California Music Institute, where she studied North Indian classical music. At the age of 6, Shruti already debuted as a singer behind the screen in the movie “Thevar Magan” (1992) and performed songs in a Hindi film “Chachi 420” (1998, dir. Kamalahasan). In the film “Hey Ram” (2000, dir. Kamalahasan), she sang the title song in Hindi and Tamil with her father and starred in a small role. Still, the real acting debut of Shruti took place in a thriller in Hindi “Luck” appeared on the screen in June this year, dir. Soham Shah, in other roles: Imran Khan, nephew Amir Khan, Denny Dengzongpa, Mithun Chakroborti. Sanjay Dutt and Rati Agnichotri). Shruti is also shot in a Tamil film (dir. Nishikant Kamath, there is no film title yet, where her partner on the set is Madhavan). In addition, she plays in a remake of the film on Marathi (dir. Nishikant Desai). The remake has no name yet. In the film “Dasavatharam” she danced with Mallika Sherawat. Shruti sang behind the screen a few songs in Tamil and Telugu movies. She recently released her debut music album. Today, Shruti acts as the lead singer in his rock-band Extramentals. Shruti also wrote the music for the film “Unalpol Oruvan” – a remake for the Tamil Bollywood thriller “A Wednesday”, and for the film “Ee Nadu” – a Telugu remake for this film. The producer of both remakes is Kamalahasan, in the Tamil film he replaced Nassiruddin Shah, and Mohanlal by Anupama Khera. Kamalahasan is also the director of “Unalpol Oruvan”. “Ee Nadu” shoots debutant director Chakri (05/14/09) Currently, together with Siddharth (starred in the film “Rang de Basanti”), he is filming a Telugu film with the director Prakash Rao, a laureate of the National Prize. Shruti languages ​​are easily given. She is fluent in English, German, Telugu and Tamil. Only Hindi cannot master yet (12/01/09)

Although Shruti and debuted in the film “Luck”, but her soul is more to the music. “It’s hard to make music and acting at the same time,” says Shruti.

Shruti, the daughter of Kamalahasana is going to buy housing in central Mumbai. Her mother, actress Sarika already lives in this city, but Shruti doesn’t get along with her, because Sarika is unhappy that her daughter has good relations with the Gauthas, Kamalahasan’s current wife



• Style: It depends on your mood, and it really changes from day to day.
• Clothing color: Anyone other than yellow, I do not like to wear bright colors.
• Makeup: I prefer less makeup, it gives you a natural look.
• Music or acting: And this and that, I can not choose.
• Goal: improve every day and work on your strengths and weaknesses.
• Except Movies: Reading, cooking and watching movies.




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