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 June 30, 2020


Elizabeth II is one of the most influential women in the world, the head of the Windsor dynasty, who has been Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for over 65 years. A flexible politician who knows how to defend his opinion, she is a symbol of her country and enjoys special popularity and love of the people.



Elizabeth II is the eldest daughter of Prince Albert, born April 21, 1926 in the Mayfair Mansion on Bruton Street during the reign of George V, who was her grandfather. The full name of the royal person is Elizabeth Alexandra Maria, the girl received the name in honor of her mother, Elizabeth Bose-Lyon.

In 1936, after two decades of rule, King George, who was very fond of his granddaughter, passed away. The throne passed to Edward VIII. In the name of love for the beautiful Wallis Simpson, a divorced American, he abdicated. The story of Edward and Miss Simpson is considered one of the greatest love stories of the 20th century, and it was she who led to the British throne of Father Elizabeth, who was crowned in May 1937 as George VI.

The next candidate for the throne was considered the brother of George VI Henry, but he abandoned the role of heir to the throne in favor of Princess Elizabeth, who at that time had barely passed 11 years.

As befits the princess, Elizabeth studied in the humanities and exact sciences, but she paid special attention to law, including international law, and received a worthy education without leaving the palace. The pride of the princess was an excellent knowledge of the French language, which she studied independently.

In 1940, Princess Elizabeth first appeared on the radio: a thirteen-year-old girl from Buckingham Palace supported children who suffered from Nazi bombing. The sincere words of Princess Elizabeth instilled hope in the British people, and she won sympathy even among some of the most critical citizens of the crown. In 1943, the princess officially assumed the position of adviser. Contrary to popular belief, Elizabeth did not do military service, but she was a member of the women’s self-defense detachment, learned to drive an ambulance car, thereby setting an example for women in Britain. In 1947, on her birthday, Elizabeth again appeared on the radio, assuring the British people that her whole life would be devoted to Britain. In the same year she was married to Philip, Prince of Denmark.

The gradually deteriorating health of the father and the unfavorable forecasts of the doctors required the almost constant presence of the future queen during official receptions, meetings and negotiations. By the beginning of 1951, no one had any doubts that the bill was going on for months, and unofficially Elizabeth took up the duties of the monarch.


In his youth, Prince Philip, the grandson of the king of Greece, a tall slender blond, was distinguished by amazing beauty. At a tea party in Dartmoor in 1937, the young man did not immediately notice a thirteen-year-old girl who did not look away from him with rapturous eyes. After the reception, this girl, Princess Elizabeth, locked herself in her room and wrote a letter to the handsome prince.

The friendship that began with correspondence grew into love. King George did not approve of his daughter’s choice: it is known that he did not like the friendship of Philip’s father, the Greek prince Andrei with Adolf Hitler. In addition, the prince was poor, and in addition to the title, blue blood and tender love for Elizabeth, he had nothing.

At the beginning of 1940, Elizabeth and Philip became engaged in secret, and the king had to give up and resolve the marriage, which was destined to become one of the happiest and longest marriages in modern history. Relations between Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Philip are considered standard, but few people think that for the sake of his queen Philip renounced the royal title and replaced the Orthodox faith in which he was baptized with Catholicism.

In 1948, Elizabeth gave birth to the firstborn, Prince Charles. The second child was Princess Anna, born 2 years later. The third child of the royal family, Prince Andrew, was born in 1960, and the fourth, Prince Edward, in 1964.

From her youth, the queen’s main hobbies are horse riding and dog breeding, she has a special love for the Corgi breed, which is considered a royal dog throughout Europe.


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