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 March 19, 2020

Peter Dinklage is a famous Star

Name: Peter Dinklage (Peter Dinklage)

Birthday: June 11, 1969 (50 years old)

Birthplace: Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Height: 135 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Zodiac sign: Gemini


Peter Dinklage is now a star, according to The New York Times, one of 8 actors who turned television into art. And in his youth, he recalled in an interview, he had to refuse humiliating offers when the producers openly exploited their appearance. Peter had a clear idea of ​​who he wanted to be.

But such obstinacy left little room for replenishment of the filmography. At one time, Dinklage was thinking of ending his career. Fortunately, new friends appeared, and behind them – invitations to independent cinema. The actor woke up famous after the “Station Warden”, and then gained worldwide popularity, playing the role of Tyrion Lannister in the fantasy series ” Game of Thrones .”

Childhood and youth

Peter Dinklage was born in Morristown, New Jersey. His father, John Carl, was an insurance agent, often unemployed, and his mother, Diana, worked as a music teacher in elementary school. A year after birth, Peter was diagnosed with achondroplasia (dwarfism), which was expressed in the development of limbs disproportionate to the body. Reaching the mark of 135 cm, the growth of the actor did not change. Weight froze at around 35 kg.

The first performances in the form of puppet musicals “with the loudest songs” Dinklage gave together with his younger brother Jonathan. The brother grew up and retained a love of music – he became a violinist. Only this, according to Peter, saved him from the acting profession.

At Delbarton Elementary School, the future movie star was often attacked by other children. This made the boy withdrawn, short-tempered and quite aggressive. But as a teenager, moving to a senior Catholic school, Dinklage learned to relate to his appearance with a share of irony, which influenced the attitude of others. Here he participated in theatrical productions, studying in the art and drama circle.

After leaving school, Peter Dinklage decides to connect life with the creative profession and in 1991 passes exams at Benington College of Art. In the studio, the young man worked harder than his classmates, which was noted by all the teachers. On stage, he expressed a unique range of acting qualities in performances full of depth, charisma, intelligence and sensuality. Among others, there were noted Imperfect Love, The Act of Murder, Turgenev’s Month in the Country, Shakespeare’s Richard III and Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya.



Dinklage began his creative biography immediately after graduation – he made his debut in the low-budget non-profit drama Life in Oblivion. And although the role is secondary, but Peter was familiar with the emotions of the character – the actor, disappointed with the limited and caricatured roles offered to people with dwarfism.

Then there were such little-known paintings as “Bear Bears”, “Never Again” and “Pigeon’s Nest”. He also starred in small roles in the series “Street” and “The Third Shift”, in the comedies “Just a Kiss” and “Animal Nature”. A larger role went to Peter in the mystical comedy Thirteen Moons.

The real breakthrough and worldwide fame came to the actor after the release in 2003 of the independent drama Station Warden, in which Dinklage plays the main role of Finbar McBride, trying to reconsider his life. For this role, Peter was nominated for 9 various film awards and received a prize at the Ourense festival, an award from New York film critics and the main prize of the Sputnik film award.

After this success, the actor starred in the melodrama Little Fingers with Kate Beckinsale and Matthew McConaughey . The film touches on the topic of achondroplasia, because of which the main character abandons the child. In the Christmas comedy “Elf”, the romantic film “Baxter”, the television series “Parts of the body”, the film “Death at the Funeral” and the adventure fantasy “ The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian “ Peter plays secondary roles.

The tragicomedy “Confess Me Guilty” with Vin Diesel , the fairy tale “Penelope” with Cristina Ricci , the romantic comedy “I Love You Too” and the children’s fantastic comic comedy “Super Dog” with James Belushi presented the actor with key characters. He also starred in the crime comedy Pete Smalls is Dead with Steve Buscemi .

Game of thrones

Peter Dinklage was expecting a new round of popularity after the release of the cult drama series “Game of Thrones” on the television screens, the adaptation of George Martin ’s fantasy best-selling books . For the role of Tyrion Lannister, the actor received the Golden Globe and 3 Emmy Awards. Every year he was nominated at various film festivals for a prize for the best male supporting role. Of all the characters in the picture, the artist is second only to the screen sister Lina Headey in popularity .

PeterDinklage game of thrones


In 2014, Peter starred in the superhero action movie X-Men: Days of Future Past as the creator of the Guardian robot hunters. This image was nominated for MTV Movie Awards as the best movie villain. A year earlier, the melodrama “The Case in You” was released, in which Sam Rockwell acted as a partner of Diclange , and the comedy This Morning in New York, where the actor composed an ensemble with Robin Williams and Mila Kunis .

In the science fiction film Pixels, Peter created the image of a rogue gamer, a fan of computer games. In 2016, he played the role of Renault, the owner of Renault, in the film “The Big Boss” according to the script by Melissa McCarthy . The main role of a fraudster, who is trying to clear her own good name and become the industrial tycoon who is loved in society, was also played by McCarthy.

In the same year, the actor voiced the Mighty Eagle in the full-length animated film “Angry Birds in the Cinema,” an adaptation of the popular mobile game “Angry Birds.” The animated film tells about the confrontation of peace-loving birds from Bird Island and the pigs that stole the eggs of the birds and destroyed their village. In addition, Dinklage’s voice is spoken by characters from such animated films as Scrat and Continental Break – 2, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, and Angry Birds.

January 25, 2017, the premiere of the fantastic detective drama “Remember Again”, in which Peter Dinklage played the main role, took place. The plot of the film tells about the ingenious scientist and inventor. A man mysteriously dies the day before the presentation of a new invention – a device that records and reproduces memories.

In September 2017, the crime drama Three Billboards at the Ebbing, Missouri Border with the participation of Peter Dinklage was presented at the Venice International Film Festival. The film tells about the confrontation between a desperate woman whose daughter was killed and the state police, which she accuses of inaction. The film was released in February 2018, 10 times recouped the cost of shooting and collected a scattering of awards – 2 Oscars, 5 BAFTA awards, 4 Golden Globes, Saturn, 3 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and the same amount “Satellite”.

Soon, the actor joined the crossover cast of the Marvel movie universe called Avengers: Infinity War . Fans calculated the character of Peter from the photographs on which he flaunted with a bright red hair, the same as that of the prince of the planet Laxidasia Pip. But the assumptions did not materialize – Dinklage appeared in the form of a giant dwarf smith Aitri, who created the Glove of Infinity for Thanos . The crazy Titan destroyed the relatives of the dwarf, and so that he could not take revenge, Thanos covered his hands with metal

Personal life

In 2005, Peter Dinklade married theater director Eric Schmidt . The wife has standard growth, but she does not complex next to her husband at all. At the end of 2011, the couple had a daughter Zelig. The personal life of the star is surrounded by mystery, and the fact that in September 2017 the second child was born, journalists learned by chance. The gender and name of the new family member is not yet known to the public.

PeterDinklage wife

Peter adheres to a strict vegetarian diet, since the age of 16 without eating meat products.


  • 1995 – “Living in Oblivion”
  • 2003 – Station Warden
  • 2006 – “Parts of the body”
  • 2008 – “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”
  • 2009 – Studio 30
  • 2010 – “Pete Smalls is Dead!”
  • 2011-2019 – “Game of Thrones”
  • 2013 – “The thing is you”
  • 2014 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • 2015 – Pixels
  • 2016 – The Big Boss
  • 2017 – “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”
  • 2017 – “What a happy day”
  • 2018 – Avengers: Infinity War
  • 2018 – My Dinner with Herve


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