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 August 15, 2020

Melissa George Biography

The actress Melissa George, who became famous in the mid-2000s for thrillers and horror movies, is the ideal woman in Hollywood. Similar to Rachel McAdams , young Charlize Theron and Janina Studilina , she attracts the eye with lush blond hair, a toned figure and a radiant smile. It is not surprising that films and TV shows with her participation are popular. Already, Melissa George has more than 50 projects on her account, and the filmography continues to grow. Melissa George age

Melissa George Age, Childhood and youth

Melissa Susan George was born on August 6, 1976 in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, the son of a nurse and a construction worker Melissa George age. From her parents, she, her brother Brett and sisters Marnie and Kate inherited Scottish descent.

As a child, Melissa George could not sit still. From the age of seven she began to master jazz, tap dancing, ballet and contemporary music. Over time, the passion for dancing grew into a professional roller skating class. In this field, the actress succeeded – she became a three-time Australian champion.

Bronze, the first major award, Melissa George won in 1989 at the National Championships, the next year she repeated the success. In 1991, she won silver at the Junior World Championship, and then retired from the sport to pursue a modeling career. Melissa George age

In 1992, Melissa George was named Teenage Model of the Year by an independent jury in Western Australia. Then she first came to audition. The debut was successful: the girl was taken to the TV series Home and Away. From this, her creative path began. Melissa George age

Personal life

In June 1998, Melissa George met her future husband Claudio Dabed, a Chilean-born director, by that time already a father. The wedding took place on September 22, 2000. The spouses did not have joint children.

By 2011, the marriage was covered with impressive cracks. The actress found consolation in the producer Jean-David Blank. The love affair was the main reason for the divorce in October 2012.


The union of Melissa George and Jean-David Blanc, albeit unofficial, brought offspring: on February 6, 2014, the first-born Raphael was born, on November 3, 2015 – Solal Samuel Glenn. Both boys inherited their father’s surname.

In 2016, Melissa George made her personal life a topic of discussion, accusing her partner of physical abuse. The incident took place in Paris. After a domestic fight, the actress was hospitalized with head and neck injuries. Later at the trial, Jean-David Blank claimed that his mistress provoked him to assault.

The conflict ended in parting and administrative punishment for both: Jean-David Blanc had to pay Melissa George € 1,000, and she paid him € 1.


Melissa George moved from Perth to Sydney, the heart of Australia, to play Angel Brooks in Home and Away. Her parents did not accompany her, so at first she had to live with host families.

Melissa George’s debut episode aired in March 1993. The meek beauty quickly fell in love with the audience, and her romantic relationship with Shane Parish (played by Dieter Brummer) and now remains among the most beloved among fans of soap operas.

After playing the final series in August 1996, Melissa George moved on to other projects – the series “Call of the Assassin” and “Roar”. The fearlessness with which the actress performed stunts caught the attention of Sean Cassidy, showrunner, and he invited the Australian to appear in the TV movie Hollyweird (1997).

In late 1997, Melissa George moved to Hollywood. This is how she recalled in an interview her first day in Los Angeles, California:

A year after the move, Melissa George made her debut in the science fiction film Dark City (1998), which became popular among fans of neo-noir.

The filmography of Melissa George in the early 2000s was not distinguished by major projects. She was invited to youth comedies, second-rate horror films, romantic dramas. The only thing that stands out is David Lynch ‘s arthouse Mulholland Drive, in which the Australian played Camilla Rhodes, an actress lobbied by the mafia.

In 2003, Melissa George appeared in the cult TV series Friends and Charmed, and also successfully auditioned for spy-fi The Spy. The Australian claimed the lead role, but lost to Jennifer Garner . Nevertheless, the project carried her away for 3 years.

The heyday of Melissa George’s creativity began after the horror “Amityville Horror” (2005). She had a chance to share the set with Ryan Reynolds . The film was not well received by critics, but it thundered in theaters, earning more than $ 108 million worldwide.

The Horror of Amityville” for a long time secured for Melissa George the role of the star of horror and thrillers. In subsequent years, she starred in Turistas (2006), The Torture Chamber (2007), 30 Days of Night (2007), where the Australian was played by Josh Hartnett , in Triangle (2009), Kidnapped (2011 ).

From the look of fright on her face and screams of horror, Melissa George rested on television projects. In 2008, she starred in the medical drama Treatment, then in Grey ‘s Anatomy , and appeared in Lie to Me .

In 2016, NBC premiered Heartbreaker, starring Alex Panttier, a top-notch heart transplant surgeon. To play it authentically, Melissa George even attended the actual operation. Under her, a new organ was implanted in a 72-year-old man.

Bright from the fresh projects in the filmography of Melissa George – the series “First”, “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Bad Moms”.

Melissa George now

On May 8, 2020, 8 episodes of the 1st season of the acclaimed series “Maelstrom” with Melissa George were released on Netflix. Sensational, because the pilot was created by Damien Chazelle – director of the Oscar-winning films La La Land and Obsession.

Maelstrom tells the story of a pianist named Elliot (played by André Holland) at the end of his career. An already difficult life for him is complicated by toxic romances, unwanted children and crime.

Melissa George is also currently filming Mosquito Coast. The date of the premiere is not yet known.

Instagram helps to find out the news and details of the actress’s biography . Basically, the profile is filled with photographs of her children, professional shots, videos from the filming.

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