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 August 13, 2020


Some, in order to conquer the cinema, make a lot of efforts – they diligently beat the thresholds of casting agencies, stubbornly go to auditions and follow the filmmakers on their heels. Others, like Laura Ramsey and Svetlana Savyolova , are just lucky. Director Yakov Segel met the star of the future comedy “Seven Old Men and One Girl” by chance – at the counter of the Sevastopol pharmacy. The American was noticed in one of the restaurants, where she worked as a waitress, and was invited to audition.

Childhood and youth

In the late autumn of 1982, on November 14, in the village of Brandon, located in Font du Lac County, Wisconsin, a daughter, Laura, was born to local residents Mark and Jill Ramsey. The botanist Lewis Ralph Jones and the politicians Lester Johnson and Robert Malcolm Graham were also born here.

Unfortunately, no comprehensive information about the early biography, close relatives and childhood hobbies of the celebrity has been provided. Except that in 2001 she graduated from Laconia High School, located in the neighboring small village of Rosendale, and continued her education at Ripon College. Thanks to the photos posted on numerous fan accounts on Instagram (and even on VKontakte), fans know what their favorite’s father, mother and sister look like.

At the age of 19, the future screen star decided on a courageous step – moving to Los Angeles to find her own path in life and build a career. Staying in West Hollywood, the girl shared an apartment with her friend’s lover and worked as a waitress in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Then she was noticed by one of the casting agents and invited to the first audition.

The audition was a success, and soon the aspiring actress was approved for a role in the documentary “Real Cancun”. But, unfortunately, the film about 16 Americans who spent their holidays in a major resort city in Mexico was a deafening failure at the box office and provoked a lot of critical reviews. Laura, in addition, had to explain herself to her parents and grandparents, who were deeply disappointed with her participation in this project.

Personal life

Only laconic facts are known about the personal life of a pretty blue-eyed blonde (height 160 cm and weight 55 kg), who loves to decorate her slender body with tattoos.

During the year (from 2009 to 2010), she met with fellow cast member Brian Geraty (“The Hurt Locker”, “The Marines”). The next chosen one was the fashion designer, founder of The Elder Statesman brand Greg Chait. The lovers soon became the parents of their daughter Dorothy – in 2013, the media stubbornly relished information about the couple’s upcoming wedding.

However, it is not known for certain whether such a joyful event happened or not. In any case, in an interview in 2018 for the monthly GQ magazine, the man never mentioned his soul mate, although he willingly talked about the house located in Malibu, calling the home a real refuge for him and the only heiress.

Reflecting on which members of the opposite sex are the most attractive, the artist admitted that she always preferred well-read guys who can subtly feel the world around them. And pitching and athletes are absolutely not her type.


Despite the fiasco that Ramsey’s debut film suffered, she was still the luckiest one. She is one of the few (if not the only) cast member who has pursued a film career. In 2004, the girl starred in the drama series The Days, which tells about 24 hours of the life of a fictional family, and the next year she appeared in Kings of Dogtown, Cruel World and Swamp.

In 2006, the comedy “She’s the Man”, which is a free interpretation of “12 Nights” by William Shakespeare , and “Deal with the Devil” directed by Rennie Harlin, who created the second ” Die Hard ” and the fourth ” A Nightmare on Elm Street “, settled in the actress’s filmography .\

Laura is one of those who are not afraid of bed scenes (“The Intermediaries”) and does not hesitate to appear in the frame completely naked (“You are here”, where she was not yet blonde, but with dark hair), in underwear (“Flashback” ) or in a swimsuit (Mad Men). The restless fans were not too lazy – they edited and posted on YouTube a separate almost 2-minute video with the most juicy episodes with the participation of a celebrity.

The American regularly supplemented her creative biography until 2015. Having flashed in the criminal Irishman , the horror thriller No One Lived with Luke Evans , and the White Collar TV series, the actress finally disappeared from the screens.

Laura Ramsey now

2020 marks exactly 5 years since Laura Ramsey left the cinema. The reasons for this were various – both dissatisfaction with the proposed roles, and the desire to devote oneself to raising a daughter. The celebrity herself, now still living in Los Angeles and loving to travel, did not explain or comment on her decision.

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