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 July 5, 2019


She is an Indian Bollywood Actress

Her Nick name is Kat

She was born on 16 July 1983 in Hong Kong

Her Age is 36 years old in (2019).

Her Star Sign Cancer

She is Still Single.


Going to swimming across the expanses of adult life, Katrina Kaif did not even suspect that literally around the corner a brilliant acting future awaits. She started her career as a model, and today she bears the nickname “Golden Girl of Bollywood”. Beauty and hard work have turned Katrina into one of the highest paid actresses in Indian cinema.

Childhood and youth

The actress was born in Hong Kong in the family of Indian Mohammed Kaif and Englishwoman Suzanne Turcott. My father owned his own business, his mother worked as a lawyer, at the same time devoting time to charity. The family is big by today’s standards – Katrina has six sisters and a brother.


When the girl was still a child, her parents decided to leave. Pope went to America and almost did not participate in the education of his heirs. In an interview, the actress admits that in childhood she often stabbed jealousy of peers who have fathers.

Over time, Mom increasingly deceived social work, and the women wandered around different countries with their children – they lived in Japan and China, in France and England, Switzerland and even in Hawaii. And these are only those states where the family has been delayed for more than a year. In a number of countries they stayed for a couple of months. Because of this lifestyle, children learned the basics of high school at home.

katrina kaif childhood

A girl from her early years was notable for her special reverie, she invented a scattering of incredible stories that she told to sisters and brothers. The circle of interests included music – watched musicals with admiration. She adored wonderful fairy tales transferred to the screen by directors and animators, reviewed dozens of times “Mary Poppins” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

Net Worth

Her Salary 6 lakhs and Her Net Worth $ 1 million.


High beauty Katrina Kaif began her working life with a model. The girl was only 14 years old when she won the Hawaiian beauty contest.


katrina kaif bio

With a promising model, the jewelry company entered into a contract, and a little later she moved to the capital of Britain and went to conquer the podiums at a professional level. The girl was invited on a permanent basis to demonstrate the work of famous designers at London Fashion Week.

Body Measurements


Her Height 5 ft 8 in approx.  Weight 56 Kg approx. 123  in Pounds.

Her Body Measurements 34-26-34 Inches. Katrina kaif  Bra size 34 Inches, Waist size 26 Inches and Hip size 34 Inches.

Her Shoe Size 8 (US)

Her Hair Color Black

Eye Color Black.


At one of the fashion shows, charming director has noticed the director of films Kayzad Gustad. The girl received a tempting offer to play in the art picture, which the British launched along with the Indians. Katrina, of course, happily agreed and went to India, where the shooting took place.

In 2003, the erotic tape “Boom” was released on screens, where yesterday’s model, and today a novice actress, met with Indian cinema stars Jackie Shroff and Amitabh Bachchan . However, critics and viewers did not appreciate the debut.

katrina kaif lifestyle

However, the colorful girl attracted the attention of other directors and decided to stay in India, where she combined the acting profession with the modeling profession – adorned the advertising campaigns of major world brands. 2005 for Katrina Kaif turned out to be a breakthrough in the film career. The girl played in three films at once, among them “How I Fell In Love”, which became a hit. The actress was called “The Discovery of the Year”, having presented the Max Stardust Award, and was called to Bollywood.

The directors showered the young lady with offers. 2007 was a success when Katrina shone in four ribbons. The comedy “Partner” brought unthinkable fees, on the set of which Salman Khan , Govinda , Lara Datta gathered . In this production, Kaif got the role of boss, reincarnated into her, the girl filled the film with ease and freshness. It is noteworthy that the “Partner” is a remake of the Hollywood comedy “Removal Rules: The Hitch Method”, but for the Indians the work surpassed the original.


katrina kaif age


Katrina Kaif rapidly filled up her personal piggy bank of the best roles and pictures. In 2008, creative baggage embellished the image of the secretary and mistress of two brothers in the movie “Race”, here she worked with Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna. After that, she performed the main role in King Singh, which was named the sixth successful Katrina band.


A year later, Kaif reincarnated as a student Maya, the bride of a terrorist in New York. The role was given easily because her heroine faced racial prejudice just like the actress herself when she lived in England. For this film, Katrina was first nominated for a major Indian Filmfare Award. Completed the year with another successful film “Amazing Strange Love Story” – viewers were delighted with the game of their favorite actress in a pair with Ranbir Kapoor .

katrina and ranbir kapoor




The filmmakers adored Katrina for perseverance in achieving goals. The girl has been duplicated for a long time by her colleagues in the workshop, because she did not speak Hindi. But soon she started talking, and at the same time she began to independently perform national dances in the frame. So, in 2012, brilliantly performed a dance number in the film “The Fiery Path”.

In the following years, in whom the actress just did not transform. Katrina had a chance to play a Pakistani intelligence agent (“There was one tiger”), a circus star (“Bikers 3 ″) serving as a bank, stealing a diamond (“ That very day ”). In the production of Abhishek Kapur’s “Obsession” even had to repaint the hair in a bright red color.


One day, the girl was lucky to star in Yasha Chopra, who in Bollywood is called the king of romance. The director is able to present heroines in a favorable light. Katrina Kaif dreamed of working with Chopra, and this chance fell out – she, along with Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, appeared in his film “While I Am Alive”, which earned three dozen million dollars at the box office, becoming an indisputable hit.

2017 did not bring satisfaction to the actress, although the audience received two film works with Katrina. Action “Tiger is alive” and “Detective Jagga” failed to recapture the money spent on shooting.

Personal life

Of course, the private life of a Bollywood beauty under the close attention of the press. In 2003, journalists enthusiastically informed readers about Katrina’s novel with a film and TV star Salman Khan.

katrina kaif and salman khan b


Katrina kaif affairs


Later, the girl admitted that for the first time in her life she had serious feelings towards a man and was grateful for the great support from him. An experienced artist encouraged the beginning star in a professional way: when it became hard, he urged to rise and overcome the difficulties of the chosen field.

Fans were happy for seven years. It almost came to a wedding, at least Salman was offering his beloved the hand and heart. But the actress refused, arguing that while the career is more important than family life.

A few months before the official separation, the actress starred in the film “Amazing Strange Love Story” and during the work was fascinated by Ranbir Kapoor. But fans did not know about the warm relations of the couple until 2013. Then in the press there were photos taken by the paparazzi during the joint rest of the actors. Rumors spread that young people were engaged.

katrina kaif family

After another three years, a couple of stars broke the hearts of fans, declaring about parting, although she had already been sharing life for two years. Until now, the girl is not seen in the next romantic relationship.

Katrina Kaif now

In the summer of 2017, the shooting of a new film with the participation of Katrina Kaif “Bandits from Hindo-stan” began. The actor ensemble also includes stars from Indian screens mitabh Bachchan and Aamir KhanA

katrina kaif 2019

The film crew of the historical adventure film directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya tours Malta and Thailand. Spectators will present colorful sea battles, no worse than in Pirates of the Caribbean, and bright dance numbers. The budget of the film is $ 33 million. The world premiere of “Bandits from Hindo -stan” stands in the cinema grid in the middle of the autumn of 2018. .



  • 2003 – “Boom”
  • 2004 – “Princess Malishvari
  • 2005 – “Thunderbolt”
  • 2006 – “Premonition of Love”
  • 2007 – “Partner”
  • 2008 – The Race
  • 2008 – King Singh
  • 2009 – “New York”
  • 2009 – “The Amazing Strange Love Story”
  • 2009 – “Big Trouble”
  • 2010 – “Policies”
  • 2010 – “The King of Deception”
  • 2011 – “Bodyguard”
  • 2012 – “The Fiery Way”
  • 2012 – “Once upon a time there was a tiger”
  • 2013 – “Bikers 3”
  • 2014 – “Pif-Paf” (in another translation, “That very day”)
  • 2015 – “The Ghost”
  • 2016 – “Obsession”
  • 2015 – “Look again” (in a different translation, “Look again and again”)
  • 2017 – “Detective Jagga”
  • 2017 – “The Tiger Is Alive”
  • 2018 – “Bandits from Hindostana”
  • 2019    Bharat



What is the height and weight of Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif  Height 5 ft 8 in approx. 174  in cm and Weight 55 Kg approx. 121  in Pounds.

What is the figure size of Katrina Kaif?
Her Body Measurements 34-26-34 Inches. 
Is Katrina Kaif taller than Salman Khan?
Yes katrina kaif is taller than salman khan
Is Katrina Kaif single?
Yes she is single nowadays also there are rumors she is with salman khan
Who is Katrina Kaif dating?
Accrding to sources she is dating  vicky kaushal
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