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 August 6, 2020

Jason Momoa Biography

Jason Momoa is an American actor. Popularity brought him the role of Conan in the remake of the famous fantasy action movie “Conan the Barbarian” and Khal Drogo in the epic series “ Game of Thrones “ based on the cycle of books “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin .

Once again, the artist gained massive attention by joining the DC Cinematic Universe. Momoa played the role of Aquaman in the comic-blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, further consolidating the success of the appearance in the solo project, which became the highest grossing in the history of the film adaptation of the DC Expanded Universe.

Jason Momoa Childhood and youth

Joseph Jason Namakeaha, known to fans as Jason Momoa, was born in 1979 in Hawaii, Honolulu. His father is a native Hawaiian. Mom of mixed descent with Indian, German and Irish descent. The parents did not live together for long. The mother left, taking her son, to the US state of Iowa when Joseph Jason was just a chil

Jason’s childhood and teenage years were spent in Norwalk. In this city, he graduated from high school, and after graduation he entered college. But in his last year, Momoa suddenly dropped out of school and went to the Hawaiian Islands, explaining this decision by the impossibility of existing without the ocean and the beach.

Jason managed to graduate from one of the prestigious colleges in Honolulu. There, 19-year-old Momoa, who was 193 cm tall, began his modeling career. After working for the Japanese designer Takeo Kobayashi and winning the title of Model of the Year of the Islands, the young man decided to pursue a career in film actor.

Jason Momoa Movies

Cinematic biography of Jason Momoa started in 1999 in the popular TV series ” Rescuers Malibu “. The exotic beauty appeared in the 10th and 11th seasons. Such a debut could be the envy of every novice actor, because the appearance in “Rescuers Malibu” guaranteed fame.

Naturally, after participating in the series, Momoa received an offer to star in the full-length comedy “Johnson’s Vacation” directed by Christopher Erskine. This tape was released on large screens in 2004 and received a lot of critical acclaim and audience attention. The real success came to the young actor the following year, when he appeared in the movie “Stargate Atlantis”. In this popular series, Momoa starred for 5 years. He played Ronan Dex.

The first major role came to Jason Momoa in 2007. He played her in Jordan Alan’s Pipelin, but the film was not very successful. The film “Game of Thrones” brought much fame to the actor in 2010. After participating in this dramatic fantasy series in the form of a barbarian named Khala Drogo, the Hawaiian woke up famous.

The role of the brightest character went to Jason easily. On auditions, he did not have to say lines from the script. He just danced a ritual dance of the New Zealand Maori tribe. After that, other applicants for the role of the leader of the tribe were immediately eliminated by the producers of the film.

Also noteworthy are the projects “The Way to Paloma” and “Wolves”, which were released in 2013. These are short films from the production company Pride of Gypsies, of which Momoa himself is one of the founders. In his original role, the actor appeared in an episode of the comedy series “Drunken Story”, where Derek Waters and Benny Arthur also played.

Later, the performer appears in the title role in the Canadian horror film “Debag”. This is a fantastic picture about a group of prisoner hackers sent to a distant spaceship. The team is tasked with restarting the computer program. But in a new place, the heroes are faced with artificial intelligence, which behaves aggressively towards people. Momoa reincarnated as a space station employee infected with a virtual virus.

Latest in 2015 and 2016

In late 2015 – early 2016, photos and videos with Jason Momoa as Aquaman appeared on the Internet, serving as teasers for a new film in the DC universe. The image of Jason attracted the stormy attention of comic book fans by the inconsistency with the canon. Aquaman has always been a light-skinned, slender blonde with short hair. Nevertheless, fans of the franchise warmly received the actor, appreciating the talent and image of Momoa.

In March 2016, the action comic book Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, in which Jason played a cameo role as the superhero Aquaman. The role became the announcement and the eve of a solo film about this hero.

In September 2016, the romantic dystopia Bad Batch premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Jason Momoa played the main character, a cannibal surviving in post-apocalyptic America and suddenly falling in love with a victim intended for food.

In October 2016, the world premiere of the comedy action film His Dog Business took place, in which the actor also played a key role. A month later, fans saw Jason in the TV series Frontier, which focuses on the fur trade in North America in the early 18th century. The artist played the main role of the robber Declan Harp, who is trying to break the monopoly on the fur trade in Canada established by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Momoa continued to appear on screens as Aquaman. In November 2017, the premiere of the film “ Justice League “ about the unification of five famous heroes of DC comics took place, and in 2018 the comic-action movie ” Aquaman ” was released, completely dedicated to the hero. The film was so successful that it surpassed the $ 1.14 billion mark at the box office, becoming the most profitable DC Expanded Universe project ever. In addition to Jason, Amber Heard , Patrick Wilson , Willem Dafoe shone in the main cast .

Personal life

Jason Momoa’s personal life is associated with the name of his wife Lisa Bonet . The story of their romance is interesting. Jason is 12 years younger than his chosen one. He saw her for the first time and immediately fell in love at a young age. This happened when the series “The Cosby Show” was released, where Bonet played the main role. Then Lisa was the wife of musician Lenny Kravitz . At the time of meeting Momoa, the actress was already growing up daughter Zoe Kravitz .

The first meeting of the future spouses took place in 2005 in a jazz club in New York. Jason and Lisa spent the next night talking at the bar. They seemed to have known each other all their lives. We decided not to rush to the wedding.

In 2007, Jason and Lisa had a daughter, Lola Iolani, and a year later, a son, Nakoa-Wulf Manakoapo Namakah, appeared. The marriage ceremony was held by the husband and wife in 2017. It was a chamber wedding, which was attended only by the people closest to the couple.

Jason and Lisa look unusual together. If the height of the actor has reached almost 2 meters, and the weight is 110 kg, then the growth of his petite wife is only 157 cm. In addition, Momoa has a brutal, at the same time frightening and attractive appearance. Nevertheless, Momoa and Bone are a wonderful couple that journalists love to film.

Jason’s body is painted with tattoos: from traditional Hawaiian triangles to phrases and names of loved ones, and on the actor’s face is a scar that crosses an eyebrow. Some sources claim that Momoa got the scar in his youth during a bar fight, others that the scar appeared as a result of a difficult surgery that Jason underwent as a child.

Momoa is a Buddhist. He often goes to Tibet, where he receives spiritual knowledge. Jason is also a big fan of mountain biking, snowboarding and roller skating. It is known that a popular artist thoroughly prepares for each role. He studied various fighting techniques before appearing in the form of Conan the Barbarian, as well as before the role of Aquaman. In 2018, the performer began to study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In between filming, Momoa loves to paint. For some time he studied pastel painting in Paris. It is noteworthy that the actors’ house does not have a TV set, which they consider useless and harmful for their children. Nevertheless, Jason gets along with technique and new technologies. The actor maintains an official account on Instagram .

Jason Momoa Latest

In 2019, it became known about the start of filming of the 2nd part of “Aquaman” by the film company Warner Bros. Director James Wang has again started work on the sequel to the popular film . Jason Momoa will continue to appear in the lead role. The release date is announced for 2020.

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