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 July 6, 2019


She is an  American actress, singer and dancer

Her Nick name is Jack

She was born on 16 may 1966 in  Gary Indiana in the United States

Height: 159 cm

Her Age is 53  years old in (2019).

Her Star Sign Cancer



Janet Jackson is the youngest daughter of the legendary Jackson, but no less successful her older brothers, sisters and parents.

Janet Jackson – a bomb exploded in the entertainment industry and the world of show business.


Childhood and the start of a song career


Janet Jackson, the tenth child of Catherine and Joseph Jackson, was born in the spring of 1966 in the small town of Gary, but the dark-skinned beauty grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Janet’s parents in religious terms are investigators of Jehovah’s Witnesses. All children without fail attended church meetings, even Janet’s brother, Michael Jackson, who considered himself an absolute atheist, was forced to submit to parental will. However, it is worth noting that by becoming more adult, the collective religion has ceased to attract the singer.

Jannt Jackson

In 1971, the Janet family changed their place of residence and settled on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in Encino – the success of the family quartet “The Jackson 5” made it possible to acquire a huge mansion.

4 years later, after her brothers, Janet Jackson appeared on the big stage. The debut of the baby took place in a show organized by the casino, when Michael Jackson performed together with his sister Janet.


Musical career

“The mad love of horses gave rise to my desire to become a jockey, but my parents decided everything for me. Although … it was obvious, “- today, without regret, says Janet.

Initially, the youngest daughter of the legendary family, was very afraid to present herself as a real singer. In order to somehow prepare the girl for a large-scale musical career, the head of the Jackson family offered her daughter to take part in the recordings of the songs of her older brothers.

At the age of sixteen, already adapted Janet entered into her first contract. The debut album of Janet Jackson with the same name was presented in 1982 and very quickly brought fame to the beginning singer.

“My fans are my incentive for self-development. Both in professional and in moral terms. These people give me support, and I, in turn, improve myself for them, ”says American singer Janet Jackson.

After releasing the second album, Janet decided to move up the career ladder already separately from the star relatives

Janet Jackson bio


By 1992, the singer’s discography consisted of four solo records.

The release of the fifth album of the singer was accompanied by a scandal in Singapore. Initially, the cover of the disc assumed an image to the waist of a naked Janet Jackson, whose chest was hidden by male hands. A similar option was banned by the authorities. Under the terms of high-ranking officials, Janet was supposed to reprint a cover on which there was nothing but her face.

In 1995, the recording studio, with which the singer originally collaborated, released a collection of her best compositions.

About 10 years after the first scandal, Janet again became the center of attention. This time the situation was more curious than provocative … The incident occurred at the Super Bowl XXXVIII championship in 2004.

The singer performed excerpts from her two songs, and at the end of her performance, Justin Timberlake appeared on the stage with the song “Rock Your Body”. In order to somehow revive the number, Justin pulled the singer over the top and ripped it off. Paradoxically, but it happened when Timberlake sang the words, which translated into Russian meant “that you were naked by the end of this song.”

Curiès Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as it is considered the most popular query in the history of the Internet.

Both artists apologized for what happened to the public, citing the “defects costumers.”

Today, Timberlake and Janet Jackson prefer to ignore questions from journalists related to this incident, because he has destroyed too many plans of each of the partners …


Janet Jackson’s personal life


The first husband of American pop singer Janet Jackson was her longtime friend, musician James DeBardzh. The marriage was terminated after a year.

For 9 years, namely from 1991 to 2000, Janet built a family with a famous dancer. Without reaching a compromise in family relations with Rene Elizondo Jr., Janet filed for divorce.

In 2012, the singer married again. This time, Janet’s chosen one became billionaire Wissam Alem Man.

Despite the fact that Janet Jackson is already 48, the singer has no children yet.

“I dream of becoming a mom. I hope that this will happen soon. Perhaps, for me there is nothing more important than a full-fledged family, ”Janet repeatedly admitted.

To date, Janet Jackson managed to play in several films, record ten albums and collect a collection of prestigious music awards, which has over 300 awards.


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