Holly Marie Combs (Holly Marie Combs) – biography, films, photo 


 August 30, 2019


Holly Mary Combs came to this world on December 3, 1973, in sunny California, the city of San Diego. Parents were not quite ready for a new status – mother gave birth at sixteen, while father was two years older than his lover. Their family lasted a couple of years, and shortly after the divorce, their mother moved to New York with little Holly.

In order to provide for herself and her daughter, her mother spun as she could – worked as a model, as a waitress. The bartender became her second husband, so there wasn’t much to take off. Holly recalls his childhood: “We lived in a very cramped apartment, there was hardly enough space. I could only be left with myself in the bathroom! ”


Mom Holly dreamed of a career as an actress, but her daughter was brought to life by her daughter – Holly Mary Combs attended auditions for ten years, and appeared in commercials several times. At the age of 13, the young actress was assigned an inconspicuous role in the comedy “Glass Walls”. Significant work in the filmography of Holly was the film “Born on the Fourth of July”, though the role, as before, was invisible.

The series “Palisade” became a very important milestone in Holly’s career Mary Combs – in this project she got the role of the daughter of the main characters, Kimberly Brock. Thanks to this image, the actress among the fans received the title of Queen of Teenagers.

Holly also participated in the filming of several feature films and television films: “Ordinary People”, “Reason to Believe”, “11 Ocean’s Friends”, “Sins of Silence”.

The best films:

  • Born on the Fourth of July
  • Charmed
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Swordsman Outpost


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