13 Ways to Fix FireStick Overheating (Nov 2022) 


 October 31, 2022

Firestick keep overheating? This article will feature all the ways on how to fix the FireStick overheating problem and how to cool it down for further watch.

FireStick overheat and that’s not a new scenario. We imagine if you are here, yours might have done so as well.

After considering all the issues everyone encounters, we thought it would be helpful to guide you through fixing FireStick overheating problem.

For your ease, we have listed several solutions in this guide for preventing FireStick from overheating. You can follow these simple troubleshooting techniques because they are quick and easy to understand.

Keep in mind that without preventive measures, overheating can damage the FireStick permanently. This affects both the device’s functionality and performance.

Overheating will not only slow down navigating through FireStick TV; you might experience longer buffering times, lags, and connectivity problems.

But, have you ever thought about why it happens? Find the reasons that will help you to understand the reasons behind the FireStick overheating problem.

Find out the most effective 13 ways to prevent your FireStick/ Fire TV from overheating by reading on.

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Why FireStick Overheating

So, here’s the thing about solving any kind of problem, regardless of its size or intensity. We need to know the source of any situation before solving it.

Therefore, here are a few reasons why your Fire Stick might experience overheating problems. Read on to know more about it.

  • When you plug the FireStick behind the television set, it will make it overheat. Additionally, it will not have sufficient wind current to keep it cool.
  • Installing heavy apps could explain the overheating problems in FireStick. We suggest that you generally install small or not much-loaded apps.
  • Since Fire TV isn’t intended to run substantial applications or games, it must be used for running specific light apps. You can delete apps on FireStick following our guide on how to delete apps on FireStick.
  • Lots of applications running in the background can make your FireStick overheat. Presently, assuming that use your FireStick every day.
  • Doubtlessly you will utilize plenty of apps, and that itself will limit the perfect and smooth functioning of your device.
  • This way, these applications continue to run behind the scenes, and your gadget keeps overheating. Do not forget to clear the cache on FireStick which saves ample RAM storage.

Now, you know the reasons behind your FireStick getting hot. Let’s check out the ways to solve the problem.

How to Fix FireStick Overheating

As mentioned above, we have gathered various ways to overcome the FireStick overheating problem because you never know which one will work for you.

So, without any further adieu, have a look at all the solutions that will help you to fix FireStick overheating problem quickly and easily.

1. Connect your Amazon Firestick with HDMI Extender It Comes With

Many people place it behind their television to conceal a Fire TV Stick. Aside from the extreme heat present at that location, this is among the worst things you can do.

Connect the HDMI extender with the FireStick to the TV or receiver and then the FireStick to the HDMI input. By doing this, space will be created between the TV and the FireStick.

The best placement for the FireStick is on the side of the television, preferably at an HDMI input. On the television side, the Fire TV Stick should still be well hidden.

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2. Unplug your FireStick

The Firestick stores a temporary cache for every app downloaded to it. The stock is only stored temporarily while the app is running.

Because of this, the device’s speed is slowed down, which is usually the result of unwanted files and folders that occupy its storage space.

Moreover, this leads to overheating of the device since the device works twice as hard to keep the things running.

Unplugging the Firestick clears the FireStick’s cache and terminates its running apps. As soon as it’s plugged in again, the system cache is refreshed, and everything is back to normal.

So, we advise you to unplug your FireStick and plug it in again so check if the problem is gone or not.

3. Don’t Use the USB Port on your TV as the FireStick’s Power Source

We never recommend using the USB port on your television for powering the FireStick.

To avoid device overheating issues, you should connect the power adapter to a power outlet rather than a USB port on your TV.

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4. Use the Power Cord that Comes with the Firestick

You should not use any other power cord for your FireStick. This will prevent overheating the power supply and thus make FireStick TV cool all the time.

5. Incorporate Heat Sinks into the Firestick’s Processing Unit or Drill Holes in its Case

Do not drill holes or use heat sinks in the FireStick. Period! Both of the following suggestions may do more harm than good, so we do not recommend following them.

With all, we have covered all the solutions that are hardware-related and could be resulting in the FireStick overheating problem.

If everything is fine from the hardware’s end, we recommend you to follow the below solutions to fix the FireStick overheating issue.

6. Clear of Cache on FireStick Apps

FireStick’s Apps cache could be problem too sometimes. Ensure that you clear the cache of the apps installed on your FireStick.

To do that, follow the steps below on how to delete the cache of FireStick apps:

1. Open the Settings menu by clicking on the Settings icon on the middle of the home page.

Click on Settings Icon

2. Choose Applications from the drop-down.

Choose Applications

3. Click on Manage Installed Applications. 

Click on Mannaged Installed Applications

4. Click on any app that has an extensive cache database.

Click on the App

5. Click on Clear Cache, then do the same for all your applications.

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7. Block Notifications from Apps

Alternatively, you may choose to stop receiving notifications from apps and this will help you to fix the FireStick overheating problem.

You can do this by following the instructions below that will help you to block notifications from apps on FireStick:

1. Navigate to the Settings section of the Firestick. Click Preferences from the Settings menu.

Select Preferences

2. Once you are in the Preferences window, click on Notifications Settings.

Click on Notification Settings

3. Turn on Do Not Interrupt option to disable any kind of notifications from all the apps installed on your FireStick.

Turn Off App Notifications

4. Click App Notifications. Choose an individual app if you only want to turn off notifications from a specific app. Deactivate notifications for that app.

8. Turn Off Unused Amazon Services

The option to not permanently delete Amazon services on your device is also available. Instead, you can turn off Amazon services, The process to turn off Amazon Services in FireStick is as follows:

1. Open the Settings menu by clicking the Settings icon on the extreme right-hand corner on the middle bar of the home screen. Select Applications from the menu.

Choose Applications

2. Click on any Amazon service that you wish to stop using. Like in our case it’s GameCircle.

Click on GameCircle

3. Make sure the Amazon Service is turned off. If it is On, click on the service and choose to turn it off.

Turn Off Amazon Service

9. Uninstall Apps on Firestick

You can prevent overheating by deleting or uninstalling Firestick apps you no longer need, freeing up more space on your device.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to uninstall apps on FireStick:

1. Hover over the Settings icon and select Applications.

2. Click Manage Installed Applications.

Click on Mannaged Installed Applications

3. Click on the app you want to delete.

Click on the App

4. Select Uninstall option from the menu.

Click on Uninstall

5. Click Uninstall again to confirm your selection and wait a few seconds for the app to delete.

Press on Uninstall

That’s it! You have successfully deleted an app on your Firestick/Fire TV. Check now if the FireStick overheating problem is resolved. If not, do check the below methods.

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10. Disable the Firestick’s Data Monitoring

Recently, Amazon rolled out an update to its FireStick and Fire TVs, which includes some privacy features you ought to know about. Fire TV Settings / Preferences have two areas that you should investigate.

The first is called “Privacy Settings,” while the second is called “Data Monitoring.” The Fire TV Stick and Fire TV can now be set to deactivate these features in the settings area.

Follow the steps below to ensure that this fix works:

1. Navigate to Settings on your FireStick or Fire TV. Select Preferences from the menu.

Select Preferences

2. Click on Privacy Settings once you are done in the Preferences.

Click on Privacy Settings

3. Make sure you turn Off Device Usage Data, Collect App Usage Data and Interest-based Ads.

Turn Off these Features

4. Return to the previous screen. 

5. Click on the Data Monitoring option and turn it off.

Turn Off Data Monitoring

11. Manually Turn Off Firestick

Fire TV offers an automatic shutdown feature, one of its best features. You will automatically be put into sleep mode when you are finished using your Firestick/Fire TV after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Some users would like to speed up this process by performing it themselves. If you would like to manually turn off the FireStick, follow the below steps.

Please note that there are various ways that you can use to turn off FireStick device, we have explained it all of these for your ease.

1. Hold the Home key on the Remote

2. Hold down the Home button for 3-5 seconds on your Firestick remote while on any screen of your device.

Click on Home Button on Remote

3. A new screen will pop up with various options. Click on Sleep to and your Fire Stick’s screen will automatically become black, putting it into sleep mode.

Select Sleep

4. Go to Settings and Disable Firestick

5. Within the Fire TV Settings, you can also find the Sleep option. Hover your mouse to the Settings icon, then click My Fire TV.

Select MyFire TV

6. Then choose Sleep from the list. When the screen goes dark, the FireStick will automatically go to Sleep. The Firestick can be woken up by pressing any button on the remote.

Click on Sleep

7. Disconnect from the Power Source

Your device will be turned off itself by unplugging it from the power source. The FireStick will then shut down completely. You will need to reconnect its power source to restart it.

Do you face FireStick restarting problem sometimes? Well, if your answer is yes, you should check out our complete guide on how to fix the FireStick restarting problem.

12. Turn Off Autoplay Feature

The AutoPlay feature, when turned off, will help you save power by not using it for video or sound. Follow these steps to disable the AutoPlay feature:

1. Click on Settings icon from the home screen of the Firestick. Select Preferences.

2. Click on the Featured Content option.

Click on Featured Content

3. Turn off Allow Sound AutoPlay along with Allow Video AutoPlay.

Turn Off Audio Autoplay

13. Reset FireStick

Firestick has a small internal storage, which fills up very quickly. If your device becomes slow and unresponsive, it is a big problem. This causes FireStick to overheat as well.

You will be able to start fresh after resetting your Fire TV Stick since it returned to its best initial condition after the reset.

Because performing a reset means erasing everything, we recommend exhausting all other solutions here before attempting this.

Take the steps below to know how to reset FireStick:

1. Open Settings Menu. Click on MyFire TV option.

Select MyFire TV

2. From here, you need to select Restore to Factory Defaults.

Click on Reset to Factory Defaults

3. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on Reset to confirm your choice.

Select Reset

That’s it, this will reset your FireStick. Hopefully, this will fix FireStick overheating problem. If not, then’s there a problem in your device. You need to connect with customer care for the resolution.

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The suggestions listed above will help you fix your overheating FireStick.

What is your experience with overheating while using your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV streaming device? Well, it is nothing but bad.

Therefore, we’re sure these solutions will cater to most of your needs! Remember to first identify the cause or source of the problem. Only then you can visualize a solution.

Never give up if a few tips fail to work. Keep trying, and be rest assured that you’ll soon meet your perfectly fine Firestick.

Are you facing any problem to follow the guide to fix FireStick overheating problem? Let us know in the comments section below and we will try to fix is as soon as possible.

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