Best Adventure Movies 

Michaela Bobulinski

 December 22, 2020

Suffice it to say that every movie is an adventure in itself unless it is a documentary or a drama. Today, we will share with you some of the best adventure movies of all time.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This film stars Brendan Fraser. It is an adaptation of the classic book that Jules Verne wrote. In this movie, Brendan takes on the role of Professor Trevor Anderson. Along with his nephew and a guide, they get trapped in a deep cavern, only to find that this is a gateway to a marvelous world under the earth’s surface.

What makes this movie really good is that it is easy to comprehend. While it is not true that there are dinosaurs living underground, the movie has a compelling storyline. The adventure positions a conflict between man and nature where the underground paradise is about to erupt—thus, the whole gang has to find a way out before the volcanoes explode.

If you are looking for a light-hearted family affair, then you have to consider this movie. It is fast-paced and charming. It uses great 3D graphics, making the dinosaur and underworld rendition a marvel to watch. The movie is rated 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, but only 51% of people who watched it liked the film. Nevertheless, it does offer a great way to spend some two hours of your time.


Released in 2006 and directed by Mel Gibson, this film dives deep into the jungles of the Mayan kingdom before the empire began to disintegrate—great to watch if you love old kingdoms and adventure-themed games like Gonzo’s Quest.

Here, you will follow the suffering of Jaguar Paw—a hunter of his tribe who is set to become their chief one day. The powers-that-be abduct many of their citizens, believing that they have to appease the gods to give them better harvest and bounty. Jaguar Paw’s tribe was one of the unfortunate tribes that have to suffer this fate.

He manages to escape and then comes back to his wife and newborn child who got trapped in a hole in the ground just in time to save them before the hole gets flooded.

What makes this movie compelling is its authenticity. The actors spoke in an ancient language, similar to what Mel Gibson did with another movie, the Passion.

A word of caution, though. This is not a film for the weak of heart. It displays the carnage and barbarism of our ancestors. It has a rating of 66% from film critics in Rotten Tomatoes, but 70% of viewers liked the film.


If there is one movie that best captures the gladiatorial Roman Empire, this is it. Starring Russel Crowe with Ridley Scott as the director, what could go wrong?

In this movie, we see the success of General Maximus, played by Crowe. After winning battle after battle, he longs to go home. However, Commodus rips his power apart from him and orders the death of his family.

Maximus was sold as a slave and gladiator. Now that his life has changed, he seeks vengeance for the death of his family. He climbs the ranks of gladiators until he gets to fight in the Coliseum, the place where he will finally see his traitor: Commodus, which was played by Joaquin Phoenix.

This movie is epic. Russel delivers a formidable performance as a Roman General—strong and decent; he provides us with an accurate of what good men should be. Director Ridley Scott nailed this one, and the scenes are simply exhilarating. Gladiator was released in the year 2000, but it still one of the best adventure films of all time with a critic rating of 77% and an audience score of 87%.

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Big Fish

If you are looking for something surreal, then Big Fish must be on your list. It is a story between a father and a son who has been estranged. Despite the drama, most of the story revolves around the story of the father, played by both Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney in the character of Edward Bloom.

Edward is a master storyteller, but he brags and exaggerates just about everything. This is the reason for his estrangement with his son, played by Billy Crudup. Billy is tired of his father’s lies. In the story, Edward is not old and is nearing death. Billy travels to take care of him, but the relationship is far from being ok. Billy believes that his father never told him the truth. He felt bad that his father told him lies as a child.

The story is filled with fantastical sub-plots. Here, you get to see a magic fish, a person with two heads, a giant man, a werewolf, and so much more. In the end, when Edward Bloom dies, Billy realizes that the stories his father told him were not exactly lies, but half-truths that he exaggerated to make an emphasis.


There are many more adventure films out there that you can watch, especially in a period like this when the movie industry seems to be at a standstill. Adventure movies are great—they take your eyes and brain away from reality. They allow you to escape the hardships of life, even for a fleeting moment. Most of these movies are rated for family viewing. Adventure movies are great for family bonding—it strengthens relationships in the house, and they take away kids from their gadgets, even for just two hours!

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