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 August 18, 2020

Arjun Rampal  Biography

Arjun Rampal is a multiple IIFA and Filmfare Award-winning actor, producer, screenwriter and TV personality. Films starring an actor are loved in India along with advertisements for the famous brands Gillette, Schweppes and Thomas Scott.

Arjun Rampal  Childhood and youth

Arjun Rampal was born in the Indian city of Jabalpur, in a house where representatives of Asian and European blood gathered. The female grandfather was a prominent Sikh who invented the artillery cannon that saved hundreds of people in the past.

His father belonged to the Brahmin caste and his mother was half Dutch, so the boy grew up and was brought up in a multicultural loyal environment. The ancestors celebrated Diwali, Catholic Christmas and Easter.

From childhood, Arjun developed the habit of helping elders in everything, and this contributed to the development of responsiveness, honesty and kindness. A child with a pure heart dreamed of becoming an ordinary driver in order to repay caring relatives for the work invested in him.

The father did not appreciate this zeal and, having divorced his wife, left his son, so Rampal went to a European school, where his mother worked at that time. A woman who doted on a sweet, intelligent child, taught the future actor to read books and write.

Further biography showed the boy that the world needs educated people, so he studied every serious subject with enviable persistence. In high school, he became interested in English and mathematics, with a firm intention to go to university in the future.

Choosing the Faculty of Economics, Arjun, with the permission of his mother, moved to Delhi, where a stormy youth life was in full swing in the evenings and nights. The guy was considered an exemplary student, despite going to clubs, and the positive feedback from the teachers instilled in him reasonable optimism.

The school had sections where the young man developed physically and soon, with a height of 181 cm, began to weigh about 85 kg. He acquired a pumped-up body in addition to an attractive appearance, which helped to make friends with fellow students and become the idol of beautiful ladies.

In 1994, Arjun received the Face of the Year prize and a contract to shoot commercials, which opened the way to the world of cinema. He listened to a number of tempting offers from directors in Bollywood and realized that a successful future from this moment is a foregone conclusion.

Personal life

In a modeling agency, an attractive guy met the beautiful Mehr Jessia, who received the title of “Miss India” in the early 1990s. It seemed that her personal life had improved, but persuading the girl to get married and part with a promising career was worth a lot of work.

After long dates and courtship, the couple finally got married, and over time, the lovers had two children. Now on the Indian actor ‘s Instagram , along with episodes from the shooting, you can see photographs of Mahiki and Mira, his daughters.

For 20 years, Arjun and his wife lived happily under one roof, and no one and friends and close acquaintances noticed family problems. The news of a sudden divorce fell like snow on his head.

The process took place with the participation of lawyers who left the girls in the care of their mother, and now they rarely see the famous father. The actor made a court decision because the model Gabriella Demetriades won his heart, and at the same time a luxurious house.

In 2019, joint pictures with a new darling, who soon had a son, appeared on Rampal’s social networks. The actor publicly announced this in posts on Facebook and Twitter , because there was no reason to hide the happy news.


Arjun has been acting in Indian films since mid-2001, and his first acting work won the Best Debut award. But then the pictures, where he participated, failed twice at the box office, because the viewer lost the thread of the plot within 15-20 minutes.

The film “Dangerous Game” was successful, where Rampal appeared in the company of such actors as Sushmita Sen and Amitabh Bachchan . She was ranked # 4 and received critical acclaim. Sympathy was aroused by the image of a thief, characteristic of criminal dramas.

The young Indian liked working with recognized Bollywood stars, and he asked for the film “Heart Attachment” with the audience’s favorite Aishwarya Rai . The press smashed the picture, believing that the director had enough with songs, dances and tragic lyrical digressions.

The same fate befell the projects “I Only Need Love” with Preity Zinta , “Mission in Zurich” with Priyanka Chopra and “Understand Each Other” with Urmila Matondkar. The actor began to worry, because in his youth he hoped for loud fame, red carpets and a significant fee.

The black streak ended with the release of the action movie “Skirmish”, where Amisha Patel and a young man played characters with a difficult fate. And then the filmography was replenished with a bright action-packed film “The Bodyguard”, where Rampalu for the first time in his life got a negative role.

The role suited the actor, and he repeated it in Don. Mafia Leader ”, a remake of an old Indian movie starring Pran and Amitabh Bachchan. In the modern version, apart from Arjun, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Om Puri, Kareena Kapoor and Shahruh Khan appeared.

In 2007, the musical film “When One Life Is Not Enough” was released with Dia Mirza and others in guest roles. Based on it, colorful national video clips were made with scenes in Bollywood pavilions and some provincial cities.

For his performances with Kirrona Kher and Javed Sheikh, Rampal received a standing ovation from the audience and the prestigious ZCA award. Farah Khan, the author of the film, partners on the set and producer Sanjeev Chawla, congratulated the young man on the victory.

Behind the scenes of the ceremony, future projects of Bollywood were discussed, and the actor heard about the script for the youth drama “Play Rock !!!” He was interested in the image of lead guitarist Joe Joseph Mascareñas, and the director appointed a special audition, giving the man a couple of hundred lines of text.

Before casting, Arjun independently worked on the image, and as a result he was approved for a significant minor role. Critics enthusiastically greeted the picture, saying that Rampal has reached the peak of his career and may well bear the title of a movie star or Bollywood king.

With such reviews, the native of Jabalpur had a lot of proposals, and he chose the dramas “Stepmother”, “Heroine” and “Full House”. At the same time, the greatest hits “D-Day” and “Politics” were released, showing that the young man had mastered the craft perfectly.

In the 2010s, Rampal fans greeted their idol in the Indian projects Roy, Daddy, Platan and Play Rock !!! – 2 “. The images of the diverse characters received positive reviews, which said that the actor is kept at the top of the stage skills.

Arjun Rampal now

Now in the career of a Bollywood star, there are creative plans related to work on television and in feature films. For 2020, the release of the Jaako Raakhe Saaiyan project was scheduled, which the audience of India has been waiting for for quite some time.


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