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 August 9, 2020


As a teenager, Alex Turner decided that he wanted to make music, and was able to achieve success in this. He captivated listeners all over the world with a vivid image and catchy songs that became hits.

Childhood and youth

Alexander (Alex) Turner was born on January 6, 1986, according to the zodiac sign he is Capricorn. The boy grew up in the British city of Sheffield in an ordinary family. His mother was a German teacher, and his father taught physics and music, so the life of the future star was already inextricably linked with creativity. As a child, Alex often heard records of The Beatles , The Beach Boys and The Eagles , and this influenced the formation of his style.

It is not surprising that in the early years of his biography, the singer began to master musical instruments. The first was the piano, which Turner played at home and in class with a tutor. As a teenager, Alexander became interested in rock and asked his father to borrow a school guitar.

Despite his interest in creativity, during his studies, the guy showed mediocre musical abilities. He did not show himself in other lessons, giving preference to sports. The only subject that the future artist treated responsibly was English.

After high school, Alex entered Barnsley College, during which he created his own group, Arctic Monkeys . It brought together the musician’s friends Matt Helders, Andy Nicholson and Glyn Jones, later joined by James Cook. Not long before that, his parents gave their son an electric guitar, and he saw himself in the position of a guitarist, but after Jones left, Turner had to take up vocals.

The group began joint rehearsals, which took place in a garage and an abandoned warehouse. Already in 2003, the band’s debut concert took place in a local pub, where they performed their own tracks and covers of The Beatles, The White Stripes , The Undertones and The Datsuns.

A year later, Alex graduated from college and decided to postpone his university studies in order to devote himself to creativity. He worked as a bartender at The Boardwalk, where he met many influential people in the industry.

Personal life

The personal life of a celebrity has always been in the spotlight of fans. In his youth, Alexander met with Johanna Bennett, whom he met in college. After the breakup, his girlfriends at various times included the writer Alexa Chung, actress Arielle Vandenberg, model Taylor Bagley and singer Louis Verneuil.

Despite the fact that Turner always had affairs only with the fair sex, there were still rumors on the Web about his non-traditional sexual orientation. It’s all about Alex’s close relationship with his colleague and friend Miles Kane, with whom he repeatedly appeared in public.

Watching their warm embrace, fans have conducted entire investigations, figuring out if they are gay. And the yellow press only inflamed interest, publishing rumors that the singer had come out and he and Kane got married. But the celebrities themselves were in no hurry to refute speculation about their secret marriage in interviews, on the contrary, provoking fans, in particular, by releasing a video for the song Miracle Aligner, which uses all kinds of love cliches.


The first wave of popularity came to the artist immediately after the release of the single I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor. The success helped to solidify the debut album, which was released in 2006 and took the top lines of the British charts.

This was followed by a second release called Favorite Worst Nightmare, which was no less successful. During this period, Alexander became close to Kane, and in the end they created a joint project The Last Shadow Puppets. The first disc of the band The Age of the Understatement rocked the music charts, earning the approval of listeners and critics.

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